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  1. Hi, back after a few years. heard that gypsy class got nerfed? any specific links about it? need to adjust, planning on woeing again 😄

    1. Titan


      gypsy class should be good for woe.

  2. wondring about guild packages....

  3. something to share: for intermediate players with kiels and HWc farming in abyss_03 for treausre boxes (@ali 7444), works better for me... imho...
  4. I WANT THE SLEEPING NEKO HAT!!!! :th_e30:
  5. I thought so Calci. ^^ That Baby Sowrdie FTW...
  6. Please see photos in the link: (cant figure out how to post pis here still XD) http://imgur.com/gallery/gIvfi/new
  7. I miss this guild (tanukis) so much.....
  8. Shinsen

    Prof Guide

    http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/25337-collins-professorscholar-guide/ ^^ v
  9. Saving up for the rainy days... XD

  10. GM kindly delete this post, the kind people on the general help area, assisted me on this. Thanks!
  11. Please help me with this. Just recently got scammed out of some items. Thanks to GM Armstrong and GM Genesis, most of the things came back, sadly the helm was not able to be returned. Can someone help me where to find or buy this? Legendary Horn Headgear - ii# 17351 it was something with sentimental value from when i first played in fRO. a gift by a PRO to a newbie without anything... thank you in advance! - Shinsen
  12. PM me in game for offers or reply to this thread. thanks! IGN : ShinsenKuzane ; Shinsen-chan~~ ; ShinsenShisai
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