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  1. coz' It's Nice to be baaaaaaack >:) hoho x.x

  2. Lalalala!! Got a bad day xD hahaha

  3. Are they in the same map ? Try resetting your character's Position from forsaken-ro/cPanel Login your Username & password Go to My Account Choose the character you want to Reset(position). then press reset. Login to your acct. in fken-ro.exe then check if it helped ^^
  4. U're lucky now boy !! grrrrrrrr !!

  5. Man, You need to Make a Forsaken knight Super Novice [not baby job] then do the Legendary weapon quest.^^
  6. I'm looking forward to that ^^ See ya'll ^^
  7. Welcome to the Server ^_^ Hope you're having fun time here. Concerning about the pally build you were asking help for, you might wanna check out this link. All the perfect guides (for me) are in there ^^. Cheers and Hoping to hangout w/ you in-game ^^
  8. You girls might wanna start this guild off and just start recruiting by posting a topic here and broadcasting in-game. I would LOVE to see an ALL GIRLS Guild \(*-*)/ the Exciting part of teasing boys getting raped by girls XD hahahahahahhahaha
  9. You already LOCK !! xD hahahaha Didn't know you already got this compilation .. anyways maybe you might wanna include rayrays build on some classes that aren't here yet ^^ This'll be More awesome ^_^ Here's a cookie for you ^^ (`・ω・´)ゞ
  10. please be more specific in what you want to be helped on. There's a lot of Abbreviations existing when it depends on the build. but you might wanna check out this link if my interpretation is right then this might help you out. Lord knight Build Click here. Assassin Cross Sonic Blow Type click here. -------------------- Addt'l to those if you need more help on other builds checkout this complete link.
  11. i do disagree too if that affects the rarity of the Imp helms. But It seems that this suggestion will only be affecting the variety of LTD items that are existing at the moment and The same number of Imps will remain the same. ^_^
  12. It's up for the owner if they're gonna sell it or just convert it to another LTD item ^^ In fact Imp toks are more valuable now .. I've asked some players and they told me that Imp helms cost 3k - 4k nowadays .. so isn't that a good idea at all?? hmm.. not trying to correct .. just stating my opinion. Correct me if im wrong, i'd be glad ^^ thnks
  13. +1 I think its a good idea to have it. Ltd Items are so awesome to have. Since then I've been wanting to get one of these ltd items but sad to say we really got soooooooo rare drops of the imp to get the imp toks. So yeah, this might not be a bad idea at all ^_^
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