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  1. dick

    1. qperteplex


      u playing again idiot?

    2. Psyren.Consortium


      what you think? you saw me.. I just installed to harass you coz ❤️

  2. I'm experiencing the same.. I did the suggested Technical Support and still experience the same problem.. I've already re-downloaded and re-installed the game and it still happens.. I went into my Setup.exe and noticed that it doesn't detect a screen resolution for me to use.. It shows up blank.. Any fix for this?
  3. memory integrity test blah blah

    Code : 0

    What's this?


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    2. Genesis


      Message me on discord at: jorgeluisf350#6842

      I'll take a look.

    3. qperteplex


      trash optimus

    4. soranic


      same problem


  4. I thought that the PvP Ladder token was good... Obviously, you guys want more... I agree with Rayray *waves*, better rewards = more people in PvP room, less people on for_fild01...
  5. I've tried out WTFast... It reduces ping tremendously... But trust me on this, you only get to use it for 30 days, after which, you either pay for the extension of the account or you reformat your computer to "reset" the IP log or whatever is reset when you format... Leatrix Latency Redux doesn't do anything at all. It just takes up space on your computer. Don't try it. 'Nuf said. Best way to reduce your ping is to just move closer to the server. For the people who live across the globe from the server, either find an ISP that boosts your connection to Over9000 or get rich, move closer to the server, install the game, and pawn the shit out of everyone with your awesome ping. Anyway, that's my 2 cents =D
  6. If anything, raise Dorky stats =D Champ Knux are a bit weak, but still, they give great damage additions with asura. Just work it out kiddo =D
  7. Bad suggestion :( Giving Bios unlimited bottles is like saying, "HEY EVERYONE! LET'S ALL BE BIOS AND DEMO THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER!!!111!!!ONEONEONE!!!" -999 to this
  8. LOL! Someone close this topic before it turns into a flame war =D People who donate shouldn't be given additional special treatment. They already get "special treatment", in a sense, by being able to get their gear faster than others by simply buying it. Others have to farm for it and save up to get the same stuff. I didn't think that I'd ever get to say this in my whole life, but, "Sir, your argument is invalid"
  9. I knew of an active GM who is no longer working for the GM Team. He was always around for the players.
  10. Damn... No one mentioned, "look for Opti, he's hawt" D: I can invite as well, for those who can't find James, Don, or Tranny faggot <3
  11. I have a question. I'm using GR + Tao combo on armor, and my vitality is set to 80 with a 55 added stat due to equipment. Why is it that my HP is 156k only? I always thought that it would be much higher than that. What is a good set up for full asura (in stats)? Also, should I set my agility to have exactly 195 attack speed? *note: I usually do combo + full asura champ. Thanks for the help, I love this guide!
  12. Can I join sir please let me join sir please I no scam sir please join items items !!!111oineoneone!!!1huehueheuheuheasdjahsdjkh
  13. O_o I never knew that aspd had anything to do with spamming... I gotta check that... So, if I make my dex just enough for the insta-cast (with the added stats), and my strength 300, 150 int (for 6k sp), I should balance out the rest on vit and agi?
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