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  1. http://www.forsaken-ro.net/forum/index.php?app=tickets > Start a new ticket
  2. or you could make them open a chatroom ONLY on Fcity lake since there's plenty of space there, but this idea is good too. +1
  3. I thought there will be more hats, guess i was wrong
  4. I think this is what he mean ; http://irowiki.org/wiki/Super_Novice_Expansion_Quest , basicly the quest allows you to have some of the 2nd job skill
  5. 1. Yes, it cost 1k since someone from the admin team ( i forgot who ) said that it would be lowered once we reach the top 10... if i remember correctly that's how it should be, but since you can easily get vote points now it doesn't really matter. I'm not sure if the effect is working as mentioned tho, it might just be for looks.. 2. Does not work with storyline quest mean you can't use the vote cape to make the blessed/cursed ring since you need the donation cape to make the storyline quest for the Bless/Cursed ring ( there's a guide in wiki ), since making 1 of em need 1 specific job cape, but it has the same effect as the donation cape
  6. I think the afk hat description is wrong ?
  7. +9000, also you need da DL link if you want them to *possibly* get implemented :o !
  8. Well, consider how easy it is to get vote points, i dont think it would be a good idea. I got 4 accounts w/ more than 500 vote points each :o, kinda easy to hoard if you ask me..
  9. Some people doesn't really bother w/ awards and stuff but it's a nice suggestion :>
  10. Does this server have maintenance?

  11. I guess this is your first time playing RO?
  12. What old items are you referring to? If you're talking about b.wings and such you can still buy them from the F.king room :x
  13. Just saw someone doing 6 AV's in a row, didn't know that was still possible o.o

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    2. Aerofox


      @Alec It's probably a typo, most likely supposed to be "FREE UNBAN"

    3. zerochilds


      so wait the person i saw doing like 3-4 storm gust was a sprite edit?

    4. TheScientist


      Are you sure it's 6 AV and not two 3 AVs? Do you have a video of it, if not whats his IGN? :o

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