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  1. Let's go for sniper boost! Right now GS is fine on its own, gives decent high damage. If you will be giving it a defense boost then that would make the job itself OP.
  2. I know this is possible and but not sure if we wont be having any sprite issue. but I think with the collectibles (headgear) we should have a custom costume too. Costumes will have a separate tab in ALT + Q. Just like the wedding dress in-game which lets you wear it and changes the sprite of your clothes, these costumes will do the same but will not take your armor off. It will be like an overcoat.
  3. go to your control panel then on your account choose the character that got stucked then reset its position
  4. "2016, A fresh New Start!" To start the year right we must welcome all the graces that are in our doorsteps! Welcome to my house! I'm a fairy that lives here! http://imgur.com/NxsBNqj http://imgur.com/kfW6ccv
  5. dang that Nifer Pitou such a bad ass drawing sai. hahaha well done!
  6. B> Asgards with rune 3.2k pm me in game Matthew#
  7. DAMN that AKATSUKI JACKET !!!!!!!!!!!
  8. having pet stat is a good thing but the thing here is that it can interfere with pvp. you see the pet follows you wherever you go. and therefore when you fight it may accidentally cover up the player. so yea no.
  9. Oh man? I get the point of those who are pro and anti backslides. I have been playing in this server for almost 5 years now and trust me on this, it will be op + annoying + gives more lag if it will be implemented. Now, we take things into consideration on what facts you have stated. 1st about champs. Its true that champ's snap has been enabled for woe. As far as I remembered there was a certain time in where champs can't use snap for woe and you know what happened? They are like chickens running and waiting for them to die. They don't have the hide skill. Their only defensive means is pnuema. You see, champs pvp prowess in this server focuses more to tss and asura. Asura, which needs you to get close to your enemy to hit it. If no snap then can you imagine a champ carrying 300 berries to 400 getting trapped, webbed and precasts and having them spam their berries out? Well unless you don't get papanicked and get rattle you can easily go for storage. Now for the sinx class. It has other counter measure besides backsliding. You have hide. Also this is taking into account that it is not a team game so it is breaker vs champ. How in the hell in the world can a breaker kill champ? That's what your trying to state right? Well, I ask you, how can backsliding kill a champ in woe?? The reason why you are called a breaker cause the thing you do is break emps. If you want to kill champs and other people while also want to break thn go highbreed. Or if you want to focus on killing then go pvp sinx. There's a whole lot of possiblities you know. In my 5 years here there was nothing wrong not having backslide. Lol. Now, woe is a team game. The reason you can't woe without a guild is that you NEED a guild. And by a GUILD it means you need a team! A team to compete. Also, breaking the emp doesn't only mean that you must survive. Well that's a factor tho. But being lucky is the greatest factor amongst all. You can survive alone if only you know how swtiching works. How to anti and etc. And that's the challenge that is given to you. Breaking is easy and is a piece of cake. But surviving is not. If you make this backslide possible I just don't know what may happen to woe. A total abuse of the skill. I hope you get my point here.
  10. Btw, just to add to what victoria said, if you want new expan hat you can suggest. Give them a name and also maybe a sprite or a picture of how it will look like.
  11. +1 to making it and expan hat. and with alternate colors too i guess?
  12. -1 a very BIG NO. besides from the fact stated above by many people, if you just want to look good go grab your self a quest helm nor a legendary hat whichever is suitable to your likes plus, why would you like to look good during pvp? dont let your looks deceive others let your play talk about who you are and not fashion.
  13. True enough as to what Victoria stated that it may be sort of unfair for those people who had done the silver mvp quest and the weapon quest of knights. i do believe that depending on where we are positioned in the top, the chance of having a good vote item and effects depends on it.
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