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  1. Genesis


    This is related to permissions on the account you are running it from. Try right clicking and running it as administrator.
  2. Can you message me on discord or skype? I'll work with you on this.
  3. When are you getting this error? Are you using the All-In-One?
  4. Hi, If you use parallels. RO is a windows application, but it does work in parallels (I use it).
  5. Genesis

    C R A S H

    You are on an ancient all-in-one. Make sure you are patches. You can reset your character's position through the control panel. However, that is only a temporary fix. The correct solution is to patch your fRO, or redownload the latest client Z(v8.5, you are on v7.6)
  6. 1. Never have I heard of this happening. 2. More screenshots are better, take them ingame. 3. Don't know, depends how busy I am.
  7. Genesis

    Failed to connect

    More than likely a temporary issue. If you are still facing this issue, message me on discord.
  8. As long as you can send the money to a BDO bank account and get a receipt, it will work.
  9. Do you have a small video or screenshot showing what exactly is happening? That would help us troubleshoot the issue.
  10. Try this: Also ensure you have a GPU selected during setup.exe
  11. Hi, This isn't possible on pre-Renewal.
  12. http://write.ratemyserver.net/ragnoark-online-how-to/guild-emblem/ If that doesn't work, people in the discord can do it for you, or guide you.
  13. Genesis


    You'll need to provide more details in order for us to help.
  14. Genesis


    The error message tells you what the issue is.
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