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  1. Added Kafra to the Emperium Test Room Increased Ninja Shadow Leap after act delay Reenabled Shadow Leap in for_fild01 Payon Castle no longer drops limited edition violet imperial valkyrie helm. Reduced requirements for WoE 2.0 Emperium. Updated hourly broadcasts. Reduced the amount of mobs in the Forsaken Lair System, but reenabled fly wings. Added Ultra Saiyan Hair and Black Saiyan Hair to Magical/Striking/Brutal variants. Added missing Saiyan Hairs to Brutal/Magical/Striking Saiyan Hairs. Reduced Counter Kick damage from 130% to 110% on Star Gladiator Variants. Added new Elemental Auroras. Rotated WoE Maps, updated flags in Fcity.
  2. Hey guys, we have removed the suggestion forum from our forums. The reason being, we want to streamline the process in order to improve our responsiveness to your feedback. Instead, where the suggestion forum would have been we have a discord link. On our discord (discord.forsaken-ro.net), we have added a new channel called #suggestions. We added it a few days ago, so far the response has been fantastic. I, and several other GMs, have been talking with you guys about suggested changes. We encourage you to join, we want to hear from you! Suggestions that have already been filed will be reviewed, they will not be discarded. We are going to be archiving them, and sorting through them. We hope this change is for the better, and will streamline the suggestion process so we can more directly address your concerns.
  3. You can file a ticket with the potential email accounts. We will provide you the usernames registered to that email. From there, assuming you have access to the email, you can reset the password through the cp.
  4. Reset all your character's looks and position through the control panel.
  5. do you have mouse freedom enabled?
  6. Saturday Battleguilds changed from 6 PM-8PM, to 7 AM-9AM. Fixed description of kafra hairbands to be accurate to the effect. Added Beard of Woman (18644) to Furious Eleanor with 100% drop rate. Fixed Volund the Smith not accepting Einmyria's Ashes and Ullr's Glory. Mystery Token rewards changed to Oliver Wolf Hat, Baseball Hat and Cat Ear Hat. Parties disabled in for_fild01. Skill card vitality reduction reduced from 60% to 50%, added 5% reduction to neutral damage. Changed Faceworm raid map, to prevent monsters from spawning outside of range. Star Gladiator Guardian ring variants damage increase to Counter Kick, reduced from 175% to 130%. Clown and Gypsy non-donation rings updated to be the based off the donation variant. Lord knight non-donation ring variants updated to be based off the donation variant. Bright Arbor castle Warp Flag changed to payg_cas01 13 138 Damage reductions for Professor from items do not stack with shields. Thank you to everyone who helped with these changes!
  7. Genesis

    Gust Moraes

    Are you using the all-in-one?
  8. Genesis

    start up error

    Please do not post in someone else's topic. Make your own.
  9. You can change that in your laptops bios so you are able to use your f keys. Battlemode cannot be changed here.
  10. http://forum.forsaken-ro.net/topic/32736-english-technical-support-tutorial/#resetposition
  11. Try getting the platinum skills through the Forsaken Kafra.
  12. Try running it as admin.
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