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  1. You need both the blessed and cursed versions. So you would have to do 2 quests to get each, then another time to combine them.
  2. Hay varios en el discord: http://discord.forsaken-ro.net/
  3. Please file a ticket, we will work with you on it.
  4. Removed Green Ice Emperium from Sunday WoE, replaced it with Amber Ice Emperium Aurora. Reduced requirements for White and Teal Rucksack from GvG Rewards. Wedding Dress and Tuxedo can no longer be worn in prison. Increased the cost of Redemption Tickets by 50%. Nosveres Card now requires 10,000 Forsaken Lair Tokens. Added Nosveres Card image. Added missing staff members to "Staff" page on forums. Added new Collectibles for January. Added missing collection image for Red Valentine Rucksack. Reverted Fcity to non-Christmas theme. Added Green Ice Shard and Green Ice Emperium Aurora to KvM Rewards. Added Umber Ice Fragment to WoE 2.0 and added Umber Ice Emperium as an obtainable emperium through the trader. Added new login screen. Reduced Arrow Vulcan after-act delay by 50%. During times when fRO's Strongest is enabled, you are automatically debuffed when you arrive at for_fild01. Removed the lower 3 rewards from Battle Royale Rewards. Added new Hurricane Auroras to the tokenshop. Thank you to everyone who helped with these changes!
  5. Rotated Mystery Token headgears. Added a new Mystery Box. Added missing drop sprite for Red valentine Rucksack. Shadow Leap readded to fcity. Updated new GM roles on the forums. Pori Pori Event now spawns less mobs. Reduced the Battlegrounds faction change cooldown to 10 minutes. Updated BGM for Forsaken City. Added missing guides for the new accessories. Disabled Halloween Village. Added non-donation Guardian ring effects to the forums. Fixed issue with Guardian Lord Knight Variants giving the wrong strength value. Removed secondary Cat Ear Capes from tokenshop. Created #botcommand channel on the discord, disable botcommands (except jukebox) from all other channels. Updated Non-Donation Cursed and Blessed ring stats to the forums. Updated guild package details on the website. Added several collectible headgears to the tokenshop. Added new Golden Mystery Box. Removed green Ice Emperium Aurora from Sunday WoE, replaced with Amber Ice Emperium Aurora. Thank you to everyone who helped with these changes!
  6. Genesis

    any gm online?

    Hi, Message me on discord at jorgeluisf3450#6842 I'll work with you on this.
  7. Added Christmas Village Reduced requirements for non-donation Dragonist Armor significantly. MvP Lootboxes now drop at 0.10% (0.20% during floating rates) Shadow Leap readded to fcity. Shadow Leap now has a significantly higher after act delay. New PvP Ladder Rules announced. Reduced the Battlegrounds faction change cooldown to 10 minutes. Added White Emperor Headband. Fly Infection, Egg Collector, Wicked Event, and the Treasure Hunting events now give GMs a lot more control to customize them. Players can no longer vend in poring_w01 Forsaken City is now switched to Christmas theme. New login screen. Fixed typo in the Valkyrie Weapon redemption ticket. Updated description of all Halloween Event Items. PvP Hunter Tokens can now be redeemed from the token exchanger. Battlegrounds faction assignment has now been reworked so you have to be reassigned a side every 12 hours. Fixed issue with Pumpkin King Cake missing the int bonuses. Thank you to everyone who helped with these changes!
  8. Fixed PvP Ladder Token drop sprite not being the correct one. Added Monthly Collectibles to the Fate Roulette at a small chance when you get a jackpot. Fixed description of all Limited Edition Emperium Auroras displaying the wrong location to get it. Added 4 new monthly collectibles. Added MvP Lootbox that drops 50 tokens, and a small chance of a legendary weapon at 0.01% from MvPs. Fixed issue with Bravius reporting wrong stat bonuses are enabled. Reenabled Halloween Event Warper. Fixed the description of all Emperium Auroras so they display the correct castle to get them from. Anyone who isn't a novice and above level 1 can be PKed now. Kaizel no longer works in for_fild01. Added new notice on discord for new players. Made it so skill restrictions apply to all new WoE castles. Changed the name of Limited Edition Box to make it clear what you get. Updated all starter packs on the tokenshop. Recategorized most items on the tokenshop to make it clearer. Added "Monthly Collectibles" to the top headgears category. Added new Beginner Pack. Removed "Forsaken King" category from tokenshop. Removed subcategories from "Sales" and added them all to "Sales." Removed single token from tokenshop. Removed account based cooldown for KvM. Thank you to everyone who helped with these changes!
  9. still have issues to conected serve


  10. sometimes i will get disconect serve why ! ask for donation how can pay 

    1. Genesis


      Please join the discord and ask all your questions there.

  11. Genesis talks spanish with me

    1. Genesis


      Please join the discord and ask all your questions there.

  12. Hi gm can i still recover my account i forgot my account password and email but i remember my user name. i hope you read this cause i want to play again on your server thank i hopping for your reply soon..


    this is my user account:



    1. Genesis


      I responded on discord. In the future, please just ask me in 1 place, not in 3.

    2. yEsh


      sorry i thought you didn't notice me i hope i can play again on your server and recover my account thanks 🙂

  13. Hi, It takes 24-48 hours to get your items. I processed your order 20 minutes ago though. You'll find it in your storage (@storage)
  14. There is now a 10 minute account based cooldown for Tierra and Flavius. Our goal was to decrease the amount of farming you can do. Added new Fall login screen. Readded enchantment books to Tierra and Flavius. We want to revitalize these events and make them worthwhile. Taekwon Cursed Ring is now giving Str + 20, instead of + 40. This was a bug. Star Gladiator Cursed Ring is now giving +20 Str and +20 Agi, instead of +40 Vit Battle Royale, GvG and PvP Ladder Auroras now give: stats gives All stats + 33 , Max HP + 10% , Increase Demihuman damage by 4%. (It gives 1 more HP than the new WoE Shard Auroras, but doesn't give the reduce element reduction) We want to keep the New Shard Auroras viable, but we also didn't want to decrease participation in BR and GvG. Specially considering how hard those auroras are to get. We believe this is a happy balance. Emperium Race Event is now on a custom map. This makes the event viable, it was broken before due to the WoE map change. PvP can now be enabled or disabled in the Dice Event map. Feature requested by GMs. All legendary weapons now give 90% of the effect of their donation counterparts. This is a huge buff to new players, we want to make it easier to start and get into PvP/Events/WoE. This was a huge undertaking for us, it took a lot of time to do. Readded Dota announcer to for_fild01, Event and Castle maps. This was not meant to be removed, sorry about that. Added functionality to Bravius in order for it to show you what enchantments you already have. Player suggested feature on discord, great idea! Whitesmith Blessed rings were giving incorrect stats. The item was giving + 30 strength, when it needed to give + 35. Increase the stats of all Non-Donation Rings to be 90% of their donation counterparts. This, along with the Non-Donation Valkyrie weapon changes is a huge buff to new players. We hope to continue to close the gap a little bit. The goal is to benefit the server as a whole from a large amount of players, who previously would not be able to PvP effectively, to participate. Please provide us more feedback and suggestions on how we can head towards that goal. Thank you to everyone who helped with these changes!
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