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  1. I got on to the forum for feels trip, saw your name online on the list! Miss you and the gang!

    1. SquidySquid


      Yo! How are you man. I just started playing since MCO. Wanna join? Still fun.

  2. Sweet update! I'm at awe! Haven't seen jaw dropping updates like this in a long while!
  3. Let me get to the attic and get my Valks out! Nice!
  4. I'd get back in the game if this happens.
  5. Can I join your guild to annoy you in guild forum?
  6. Fabled, Elith, Loli Kingdom, Rest In Peace, and Motto.
  7. Situations for instances, like defending guild's troop rally around the Emperium defending it would take a longer time for it to break. For a solo breaker without a Paladin, they would go in the middle and break and go away from it to restock their seed to comprehend the massive damage being dealt by the defending guild and other parties. Solo breakers would go in with full supplies but by the time they reach the Emperium room or the Emperium itself, solo breakers would have lost a small margin of their supplies. Note; Solo breakers aren't bad, they're probably one of the things we need to keep the economy in check just incase there are hoarders. They keep the castle economy to zero which is good.
  8. Can I join this guild?
  9. This could be an advantage, could be a disadvantage. Pros; People would recruit more members to cover said disadvantage. No more small to solo guilds during WoE (If people are willing to not go solo). No solo breakers. More classes to be utilised during WoE. Good way to spread out the number/quantity of tokens in the server to the population. (Guild leaders would spend more tokens to recruiting members.) Cons; Big guilds may monopolise the whole WoE as a whole. (This is a big issue for me personally, but can be resolve by having another big guild to take over the reign.) The economy may take a huge hit if there was a monopoly. Fluctuation on Emperium Aurora prices again. (I may be wrong) Valuable Emperium Auroras and Imperial Helms may be hoarded by certain party or an individual. Again, I still don't know how to feel about this. I feel this may be good, but I also feel that this may be bad. Either way, points that I have mentioned both bad and good have been going on before already so if we manage to survive that, we may survive the change as well I guess. Sorry, I can't give you my answer but hope my two cents count. I like the idea of bonding and relying on guildmates, but I have always been relying on them anyways, even with the @storage around. That didn't really bother me so much with that around, Emperium would still be conquered by many. Regarding the backslide issue, it's probably a bug so the GM would fix that soon enough. Big thanks for noticing it though.

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