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  1. Hey Victoria! 
    where've you been? 

    Friend of yours El (Elzio - Sione) is trying to contact you, hope you're doing well :)

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  2. Victoria PM me here or in game!

  3. This should be in a ticket as this is a sprite bug. Please file a ticket at the Ticket Center under the "Bug Reports" department.
  4. The Coins will suffice once you can convert in big numbers at once. Other than that, a banker would be useful.
  5. The titles won't be recognized by the other players unless the title is beside their name (which I think would be hard to code plus, it could cause issues) It could be possible for only the NPC to recognize these achievements, It'll have a dialogue like this: "Hello [Legend] Wanksalot!". However, I'm not sure how you will be able to get the other titles. Will the title be replaced or will the players have the chance to pick what title the NPC wants to call them? Having this certain system will take time to implement, as you'll have to make every task perfect and bug-free. I think the point system is good. Having to finish one task/earning an achievement will earn you points which can then be used to buy stuffs but we have to make sure that everything won't be abused, let's say, they can only do 1-2 task in a period of time for example. And maybe the players could choose what task they want to achieve through an NPC? Therefore, it'll be easier to code. I don't really see the idea of having an achievement, why not just make it that the players finish a task, and they earn points that can be used to redeem certain items?
  6. Can you please give us an overview of this suggestion of yours? Give us a few details on how it'll work, like what does getting an achievement do and what is it use for and what rewards can you think of at the moment?
  7. I know where you are going with this suggestion, but if it's for the newbies as you say, PvP is out of the question since they have less chances of winning/finishing that. Since your suggestion isn't that specific, how about we look at it like this: There will be an NPC either located inside the Dragon Temple or somewhere in fcity. Once you talk to him/her, you will be given a random task (Hunting Items, Finishing a few quests, etc.) but you only have an hour/hour and a half to finish it. After you finish that certain task, you will be rewarded with fame points and a Dragon Token (name can be changed) and you can redeem something cool in the Dragon Shop (Let's say Bloody Branch, Heroe's remains, Muscovite, or a limited edition headgear as the shop's rarest item). It won't be as easy as it looks, because many players can do the quest at the same time as you are. The opening of this quest will be broadcasted and whoever finishes it first during the 1hr/1hr and a half that it is open, gets the Dragon Token, thus, closing the quest until the next opening. This is just an example, is this idea similar to your suggestion?
  8. You didn't really read the whole suggestion didn't you? Please do so, because your suggestion is included at the bottom part as an alternative if the Emp Testing Room doesn't get implemented. And, we cannot announce a fix price for the token to zeny conversions because it is not a part of our job. You, as players, should know the right price to buy a certain item and you can do that by asking around. There's a suggestion like that before which was shut down because of many reasons. For the banker, I think that would be useful so you don't have to use another account to transfer your money (or even getting scammed by asking someone to help you transfer). I agree on that part.
  9. The Training Dummy Room you suggested is still being debated (and is only located at the 1st page of the Suggestion Thread) Click here And, people sell zennies in order to profit at times that's why its subject to change depending on the sellers. If the function of the banker is to exchange your tokens to zennies then that won't be necessary or else the zeny farmers will lose their jobs. However, if it's only an NPC wherein you can deposit/withdraw your money, then I think that'll be a great idea.
  10. You all might have forgotten about the "Order of the Dragons" didn't you? Or perhaps you may not be aware of this system. Let me link it to all of you, click here Now, the main objective in this suggestion is to make the Legendary Headgears become an expansion for the Vote Forsaken King set which I don't also think is a great idea. Why is that? If it'll be for the Vote F.King Set, then it should also be redeemed via Voting. As mentioned by Rayray, it'll ruin the whole point of the expansions we have because to be honest, some legendary headgears look cooler than our Valk Expansions. And people might prefer to have those than the headgears that are in the token shop. AND, like I said, we have an "Order of the Dragons" system that is still being worked on, and once the whole thing is finally complete, you won't be complaining anymore because your F.Knight Sets will be on par with the Vote F.King/F.King set effect thus, enabling you to use your Legendary Headgears wherever you go. To be honest, it'll be easy to have what you want, just become a Rank 3 Dragonist and you are all set. Give your attention to the "Order of the Dragons" because it is the only solution I can think of for your suggestion. Let's just wait and see, because that system will be having its glorious days soon. I hope all of you will understand, have a good day! :)
  11. Grand Winner yOsi (Smokers³ • Yosiº) Score: 95 Prize: 25 Event Tokens 1st Runner-up Aerofox (Not Aerofox) Score: 90 Prize: 15 Event Tokens 2nd Runner-up Gerald (G e r a l d) Score: 82 Prize: 10 Event Tokens Congratulations to all the Winners!! You can claim your prize by looking for: [GM]Euphoria Thank you very much for joining!
  12. I think this is a Renewal feature, and our server is Pre-renewal so it's not possible for us to get this command. Please do the traditional way, like lyryk001 has explained.
  13. Halo! Sorry but I don't think it'll be fair for those whom quested for the Silver MvP Dungeon Quest and of course, to those who worked hard for their weapons and accessories. The server is already newbie-friendly, and the vote items are there to help you do those kinds of quests. Even the capes were put there to help newbies with their adventure. There may be new headgears up for voting there in the future, but for those examples you suggested, I don't think so.
  14. Hello! Thank you very much for giving your insights. The Casino is still on Beta, and it might cause some issues at first but it'll already be addressed in order to benefit those whom would like to test their luck or just ease their boredom inside the Casino. We won't close the Casino. The reason why is because it received a lot of work, time and effort and if the reasoning is because it somehow ruined the economy, then we will think of ways to balance it without harming our economy. Think of the situation as this, you made a draft of a Thesis that you worked and prepared for sleepless nights, and your teacher still gave you a failing mark. What should you do? Of course you'll have to improve more, fix some flaws and check the loopholes, in that way, you will be able to make a successful Thesis. We are not giving up on this, and we would appreciate it if the community would do the same and give us their trust, we'll do what we have to do to make this project a success. Hopefully, most of you will understand.
  15. Yes, since not many are aware of the DS type clowns as before, maybe you could try to familiarize or give them awareness, at the same time, suggest the effects you wanted for that weapon. It could possibly get you some supporters.
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