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    We already knew the *real pleasure kindness* of hunting MVP's of lhz_dun03 ❤️ (veterans+newcomers knew those too lol) Maybe its time to add a special lhz MVP room for it :3 : 1. Assasin cross eremes(single room) 2. High priest margaretha(single room) 3. High wizard kathryne(single room) 4. Lord knight seyren(single room) 5. Master smith howard(single room) 6. Sniper cecil(single room) The fees of summoning those lhz's MVP can be higher than those normal MVP rooms [around 70m-90m zeny per summon]. As usual, those lhz MVP room would get double chance% drop rate/floating rates on weekends. The cool down of re-entering lhz MVP rooms can be longer than normal MVP room(around 30 minutes-1 hour) ❤️ Extras: 1. Ifrit(11h spawn time) and Beelzebub(12h spawn time) should get their own MVP room too. Coz of their longest spawn time rate XD 2. Gloom under night(5h spawn time) and Valkyrie randgris(8h spawn time) also should get its own MVP room too XD Another extras just for lhz MVP rooms: 1. Add a reward ticket drops=*random Fro Legendary weapons ticket*(the % drop rate can be lower than mvp's card drop rate/made it the same as mvp's card drop rate) 2. *Random Fro Legendary weapons ticket* descrip would be like this ❤️: a. when double click it, an option of job choosing class would appears(Lord knight/Paladin/High wizard/Professor/Sniper/Clown/Gypsy/Biochemist/Whitesmith/Assassin cross/Stalker/High priest/Champion/Gunslinger/Ninja/Soul linker/Star gladiator/Super novice) b. Lets say, you clicked option of gunslinger class. It will pop-up 4 L.weapons selection for ya :3(revolver/shotgun/rifle/grenade launcher) c. You can choose 1 of those from 4 selection L.weapons of gunslinger only btw. 3. This ticket can be deal along players :3 Hope players+GMs developer team likes these suggestion ❤️ Please reply ur thoughts in this thread too :3 ❤️ Arigato ❤️
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    Presents... Four new monthly collectibles are now available in the Tokenshop:Predator Mask, Red Riding Hood, Roast Mask and Star Mermaid!Available for a limited time only, so get them before they're gone! NEW! ForsakenRO Golden Mystery Box! Introducing an exclusive LIMITED TIME free gift for every $150 spent in the Tokenshop! Each Golden Mystery Box has a chance of obtaining one of the following rewards: 3% Mint Yin Yang Aurora **UNRELEASED** 4% Black Ice Emperium Aurora **UNRELEASED** 4% Blue ice emperium Aurora 4% Maroon Imperial Helm 4% Jade ice emperium Aurora 4% White Imperial Helm 4% Red ice emperium Aurora 4% Black Imperial Helm 4% Teal Imperial Helm 15% Valkyrie Expansion Redemption Ticket 15% Assorted headgear Redemption ticket 15% Enchanted Headgear Redemption Ticket 10% Weapon Exchange Voucher 10% Cape Exchange Voucher Introducing the new Streak System in Guild vs. Guild! This is a system to entice new guilds to compete in the GvG event and to entice players to beat dominating guilds. The idea is that when a guild wins more than 4 GvG events in a row, they will enter into a Double Streak status. If the guild wins 8 GvG events in a row, they enter a Triple Streak status. Streak Status When an opposing guild wins against the guild on Streak Status, they will get DOUBLE or TRIPLE rewards depending on the defeated guild's Streak. Example: Guild Tomato has a x3 streak after winning 10 GvGs in a row, Guild Parrots joins the event and beats Guild Tomato, they get 3 GvG tokens and 540 event tokens as a reward, breaking the Streak Status of Tomato guild. Any guild that attempts to abuse this system IN ANY WAY will be disbanded, and the guild leader will be permanently banned. Introducing the new Emperium Arena, talk to the Warper NPC in Forsaken City, Custom Maps and test your Breaking skills! Improved our Guild Package exponentially! Now our guild package give the following items: Rental Forsaken King Armor Rental Forsaken King Shield Rental Forsaken King Cloak Rental Forsaken King Cloak Rental Forsaken King Boots 2 Rental Belts Rental Cat Ear Hat 1 Forsaken Seed Dungeon Pass **NEW** Rental Blessed Ring (Same stats as ND Blessed Ring) **NEW** Rental Cursed Ring (Same stats as ND Cursed Ring) **NEW** Rental Guardian Ring (Same stats as ND Guardian Ring) **NEW** Rental Emperium Aurora (Same stats as Limited edition Emperium Aurora) **NEW** All legendary weapons of the class that opens the Guild Package box. Players older than 60 days in the server cannot claim this package ======================================================================= Clown/Gypsy Unable to use more than 2 kiels anymore. Dragon armor's Max HP +10% was removed. All gypsy guardian rings now give the correct stats. Creator Creator Cursed ring removed Max HP from 25% to 5%. Reduced Mammonite damage from 350% to 250%. Brutal headgears: [Creator] Removed 10% HP bonus. Whitesmith Guardian ring variants: Reduced damage of Napalm Vulcan from 300% to 180%. Added 900% Cart Revolution damage to entice hybrid builds. Skoll card Increased vit defense reduction from 40% to 60%. Orc Lord card 2 Orc lord cards no longer stack. **We might revert this for the Paladin class ONLY** War of Emperium Payon Castle treasure chests: Added violet emperium aurora drop : ID 17096 Added violet imperial helm drop : ID 17788 Added violet eidelic wings drop : ID 17097 Added purple emperium aurora drop : ID 15654 Added purple imperial helm drop : ID 15671 Legendary weapons Created the missing legendary variants of the following Valkyrie Weapons and added them to the quest NPC: Hrist Wing Bow Nari's Harbinger Nerthus Shuriken Sorrowbringer Beyla's Rampage Thanks to Ebisu for headgear selection, testing, and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Tenjin for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Moogle for testing and coming up with fixes. Thanks to Moon for testing and coming up with fixes. Coding and fixes by Genesis Previews by Barbie And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!
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    Ohhhhhhh what genre is it?? 😮 i might watch that hehehe
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