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  2. Hi, Was this issue resolved? If so, how? Also having the same issue.
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  4. Titan


    Many oldies are still playing and recently got back. Welcome back!
  5. BasuraStrike here and i just to greet ya'll a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So here i am feels A NEW CHAPTER by getting fresh air and and letting my bad memories wash away by the fresh air and with this beautiful nature. So i hope this year, more POWER to the the administration team! I'm Also looking forward to see more new players for this game. THATS ALL AND THANKYOU!! BOW!!
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  7. rei


    Just testing to see if anyone from 2007-2008 still plays and is active here luls. Hi & Bye 🙂
  8. why i need guardian for combine Curse n Blesss... i jsut need Bless stat n combinaation Bless n Curse...
  9. Tyr NPC: arena_room 102 87 Requirements: 1 Character that completed any Bless, Cursed, or Guardian ring quest. You must have Guardian godslayer sword+Cursed godslayer sword to get the Blessed Ultimate Godslayer Sword. You must have Guardian godslayer sword+Blessed godslayer sword to get the Guardian Ultimate Godslayer Sword.
  10. 6 years later and it still doesn't work, what a shame.
  11. Great! See you around in the game.
  12. Found where is trouble. I have in windows 10 by default interface scaling settings enabled. I disabled them and now all works 😃
  13. The game start looking like this Now i see right bottom part....
  14. even if you disable full screen you are not centered?
  15. Alredy enabled windows 7 compatibility. And thats not help.
  16. TOP 5 - January 2020 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  17. Hello Players, We would like to address the rules of ForsakenRO's Strongest, which are as follow: Forsaken RO's Strongest ranking will reset every first Friday of the month. The "Top 5 Strongest" will receive their respective prizes once the final rank is posted on the Hall of Fame. You may only use 1 character on your account for the Top 5 ranking to keep the competition thrilling for everybody! Furthermore, every kill will be recorded in our logs, so cheating is pointless and will only get you in trouble. Top 1 = 30 PvP Tokens Top 2 = 20 PvP Tokens Top 3 = 15 PvP Tokens Top 4 = 10 PvP Tokens Top 5 = 5 PvP Tokens fRO's Strongest punishment: 1st offense: 1 week of jail and the offender will not receive current and/or pending rewards. 2nd offense: 2 weeks of jail and same as above. 3rd offense: 1 month of jail and same as above. fRO's Strongest rules: 1. Fabricating kills and death is not allowed. (Feeding for someone or killing a feeder) 2. If any of the top 5 players are guilty of feeding/cheating, the next in line will take their spot and will be rewarded accordingly. Regards, ForsakenRO GM Team
  18. Use Direct3D HAL. Do not use your video card settings.
  19. You need both the blessed and cursed versions. So you would have to do 2 quests to get each, then another time to combine them.
  20. Have troubles with in-game camera. Camera don't centred on my char. How I can fix this? I enabled windows 7 compatibility. Screenshot of config app
  21. GM if i need Bleassed Sword + Curse Sword do i need to make both sword 1st then combine?? or i need do 1 quest only? right now i last part n done give material for Bless Quest
  22. Can someone show me the way to eleanor map i got 9 realms already.
  23. Titan

    Changing resolution

    Here's the troubleshooting steps:
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