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  4. I believe the main reason for that is to not let a person equip 2 Dexterity swords at the same time due to life steal effect. It would be overpowered if it had a life steal higher than what is meant for 1 sword.
  5. 32K indeed a good deal only if double attack proc rate is 100% but its only 50% which would bring you back to 24K. Shouldnt it be natural to equip any sword at left hand? I can put edge to my left but not this dex sword. What i mean is, this is the only sword that I cant equip in my left hand but all other swords i can.
  6. There is bug in this quest! Ones I done INT rune quest (made 2 runes) with my BIO after long period I try to pass DEX rune at dew_fild01 167 307 - at 1 time was good, I done first DEX rune, but on second time NPC is not responding, I try to go to Bard at for_king - also nothing, than I went to other rune makers NPC - and INT rune NPC ask me just for cards - 1000 Margaretha Sorin Card and 1000 Kathryne Keyron Card - so I got 1 INT rune, but after that all NPC are not responding! (Bard [...] Odin [...] All Runes NPC also [...]) I try to reset my location, reset my view, relogging - but nothing... Ok, maybe something with my BIO, and I try to make make that 2nd DEX rune by my Champ, so I came to NPC at DEW_fild01 167 307 and everything was good, I got 2nd DEX rune, but when I went to INT rune NPC to check if my Champ is able to pass INT rune quest - it was the same situation as with my BIO - All Rune NPC are not responding just [...] Maybe someone had the same problem with doing this quest at 2nd time, and you have some suggestion? Thank you.
  7. Hello there! To answer your question you need to know a few things, but don't worry I'm here to explain! That weapon is a sword. Usually when an Assassin Cross uses a sword it can only be equipped in the main hand (Right hand), but if they are daggers they can be equipped in both the main(right) and off(left) hands. I assume you're using a Dexterity Sword? That would be the reason why the stats give Crit - 50. There are 2 variants of assassin cross swords, Dex version and Critical version. Double Attack is a passive skill which only applies to daggers. In this case, the sword isn't affected due to it being a sword. If you use sidewinder you'd be able to get double attack on the weapon it is compounded in, in this case the sword, which would mean your damage would now have a chance to be doubled. E.g. if your damage was 24k on non-sidewinder and would be 16k on sidewinders, double attack would make that 16k into 32k which, for me, is a good deal. Hope this helps!
  8. @Ebisu Could you shed light about this?
  9. Good PM. It's weird that I cant equip this item to my offhand. Whats the point of having -50crit stat if i cant even use double attack in my right hand with a sword? Using Sidewinder card will just make me lose 1 slot equivalent to 25% damage potential loss.
  10. Titan

    problem with map

    you don't need to do that quest. you can actually buy good accessories at the mall. @warp for_dia 174 118
  11. marcos

    problem with map

    i did but i want to complete the quest, can you enter that map with any problem?
  12. Add our Discord channel to get advice from other players who use Paladin. https://discord.gg/3Wtt2SV
  13. Titan

    Fix white screen

    Try to open the game using the fkenro.exe
  14. Titan

    Weapon Bugs.

    I believe this has been answered on our Discord channel.
  15. Follow the suggested troubleshooting steps.
  16. Titan

    problem with map

    You have to reset the position of your character by logging in to your account on this link. https://cp.forsaken-ro.net/
  17. Titan

    Request for GPACK

    You have to file a ticket to apply for a guild pack.
  18. Follow the suggested troubleshooting steps.
  19. it seems like the game is working when it's not on full screen mode but it's so small when it opens and i don't have option to enlarge it 😞
  20. UPDATE: I tried unchecking the FULL SCREEN MODE on set up and after that there's a small box that appears. that's the little box. and when I tried hitting ENTER on my keyboard and there's a sound. I checked SET UP again and there's no option for screen size anymore any suggestions? 😞
  21. Hi GM! Thank you for your help. I already did that, and it's still the same. I can only open the patcher but when I click START, it will crash. 😞
  22. HIi, need help why skill Bio Cannibalize cannot use?
  23. Try the Fixing White Screen and pick the corresponding version of your Windows.
  24. Hello guys! After downloading and installing the game, I was able to open the game. But right after changing the resolution on Set up, the game doesn't load anymore. I can only open the patch and when I clicked START, the game won't open. I tried to uninstall and install it again but it still doesn't work. Can someone help me with this.. PLEASE!!!!!!!
  25. marcos

    problem with map

    Hello, I was trying to do the Nile Rose Quest and the game stop (charger windows) when i try to in this map pay_arche and need to reset the character at the CP, is a server problem or need to update? Note: i have 2 or 3 days in the server
  26. 2 merchants i deleted the whitesmith coz of no skill. so i made a new one. but still overcharge or discount skill is unavailable. hope you can help. im new here in this server.
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