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  • The Order Of The Dragon: Dragonist Armor Guide

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    Please note that you have to need finish Forsaken Knight Quest to be able to do this quest!



    Step 1 
    Go to Dragonist Temple



    Step 2
    Talk to Morded and Join



    Step 3
    Talk to Dragonist Ranking
    You need Rank 3 to be able to start the quest.
    For each rank need fame, and total you need 6000 fame to get Rank 3



    Step 4
    Talk to Sakray



    Step 5
    Talk to Sigismund



    Step 6

    Then find your own Section at Dragonist Temple and he will ask for the following:
    400 Blood Thirst lhz_dun04
    200 Bradium man_fild02
    200 Cursed Seal tha_t07/08/09/10/11/12
    200 Destroyed Armor ayo_dun02
    200 Foolishness of the blind moc_fild17
    200 Immortal Heart moc_pryd05
    100 Elder Branch Pinguicula spl_fild02 / Sedora iz_dun05
    25 Citrin gl_cas02
    1 Hero's Remains abyss_02
    10 Breath of Spirit lhz_dun03, High Priest
    1 Ba Gua gon_dun03, Evil Snake Lord
    1 Piece of Shield niflheim, LOD
    1m Zeny

    Depending on the class that uses a certain item:
    Gunslinger - 100 Oil Bottle juperos_01/02/ jupe_core
    Biochemist - 700 Torn Magic Book abbey03
    High Wizard - 700 Angel Magic Powder - Little Fatum - bif_fild02
    Sniper - 500 Oridecon Arrow Quiver lhz_dun03
    Champion - 100 Distilled Fighting Spirit cmd_fild03
    Sinx – 1000 Dark Crystal Fragment ein_dun02
    Pally – 600 Holy Water Create with empty bottle
    Lord Knight – 900 Blood of Wolf
    Professor – 700 Torn Magic Book
    Gypsy/Clown – 700 Cloud Crumb
    Priest - 500 Light Granules
    Ninja - 900 Blood of Wolf
    Stalker - 700 Blade Lost in Darkness



    Step 7
    Talk to Sigismund



    Step 8
    Talk to Meyer



    Step 9
    Find a "campfire" at for_map62 79 138



    Step 10
    Talk to Captain Helver for_map62 204 56
    You need bring these items:
    100 Alcohol
    10m Zeny



    Step 11
    Captain Helver will warp you on the ship.
    Just wait the portal and then enter it.



    Step 12
    Talk to Ollie
    Because unwarpable map, you need to walk. Look on the map for Ollie Location
    You need bring these items:
    100 beef head
    200 sweet milk
    200 cheese
    100 aloe Leaflet

    when it's done, enter to the portal near Ollie



    Step 13
    Talk to "campfire" in for_map56 45 252



    Step 14
    Warp to for_map56 248 36 to access the portal that leads to the Ollie village



    Step 15
    Once you enter the portal the map is for_map55 (unwarpable map)
    You need use Fly wing (can be purchased in the store) to warp near the area.
    Look the map for the location



    Step 16
    Talk to Dragonist Corpse
    Look the map for the location
    You need bring this item:
    10 life tonic



    Step 17
    Talk to a mysterious power name "…"
    It will warp you to a map.



    Step 18
    Go straight until you see Blackwitch Bijou NPC



    Step 19
    Talk to Blackwitch Bijou NPC.
    She will challange you. You need kill some monsters (you can solo it but many)
    Once defeated them, you will be automatically warp to forsaken city.



    Step 20
    Back to the Dragon Temple and Talk to Sigismund
    You need bring these items:
    1000 Dark Piece for_map56
    1000 Ashes of darkness for_map56
    1000 Evil Spirit Bone for_map56
    1000 Hollow Spine for_map56 248 36
    5 Dragonist Coin exchange via fame points

    When you return the items to Sigismund, will require you to do Blackwitch Raid to kill Bijou



    Step 21
    Talk to Battle of Blackwitch NPC to start Black Witch Raid
    (This part is not necessary to do it, if you have a "Bijou will of Darkness" you can skip this step)



    Step 22
    Give the "Bijou will of Darkness" to Sigismund



    Step 23
    Talk to Stolz
    You need bring these items:

    1 Million Zeny
    7 Pvp Tokens
    15000 Fame
    20 Dragon Eggs Dropped by Bijou
    100 Dragonist coins
    2 Forsaken King Armor

    Stolz will ask you if you would like Infamous Dragonist armor or Legendary Dragonist armor.
    Once you have given the items, will give you a Infamous Dragonist Armor Recommendation



    Step 24
    Give the Infamous Dragonist Armor Recommendation to your Section.
    (Depending on your class you choose)

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