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October 7 Change Log

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  • Whitesmith Cursed Ring Adjustment

    Hit +80, Str +20, Dex +20, Atk +200, HP +10%, SP +5%, Walking speed +15%, Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5%, Reduce VIT def by 10%, Increase damage with Throw Tomahawk by 500%, Increase Range Attack by 10%

  • [Lord Knight] Cursed Non-Donate Ring adjusted

    Walking speed +10%
    Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 3%
    Inflict 9% more damage with Critical attacks
    Reduce Vit def by 10%
    HP + 9%
    SP + 9%
    Str + 18
    Vit + 18
    Luk + 18
    Aspd + 4
    Attack + 18%
    Increase Damage done with Spiral Pierce by 27%
    Decrease Damage done with Brandish Spear by 180%

  • Update the description of Lord Knight Cursed Ring and Lord Knight Black Halberd

  • Disabled the Kiel effect of Rental headgear and Rings for Clown and Gypsy

  • Protect Cloth is now an available option in the Cape Exchanger NPC

  • Kuluna Card will no longer stack with Whitesmith Guardian Ring Variants

  • Added Drop Sprites for Infernal Swords

  • Fixed Super Novice Cursed and Blessed Ring variants not giving correct stats

  • [Whitesmith] Guardian Non-Donate Ring adjusted

  • [Super Novice] Cursed, Blessed, and Guardian Non-Donate Ring adjusted

  • Lost Forest of Oberon Raid will now spawn Eira with .7% Card Drop and 1.4% Card Drop during floating rate

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