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Ideas and Events! Let's make ForsakenRO more fun!

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Cos I f*cked this up HAHAHA













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First of all welcome back GM Victoria! Good to see old players coming back especially you one of the most hyper GM in the server.

About the ideas and events yes all of them are fantastic. Our events here in game has been over a decade (ex:GTM,Dice Event, LMS etc) and they've became so repetitive that some even don't bother on joining them anymore so I don't really mind having some new events etc for the purpose of making the server lively and active again and this will benefit all the new players in the game.

The prizes well that could be arguable. I'm not sure if it's reasonable to others that could depend on majority's decision but as long as it's fair then let's go for that.

Overall I'll give this +1. I'm hoping that this could be implemented ASAP. Again welcome back Victoria! I'm hoping you'll make a lot of cool events again in game!

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Awwww! Thank you for the support guys!! Appreciate it a lot! ??

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