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Celebrating 11 years at Forsaken RO!

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Celebrating ForsakenRO's 11th Anniversary!

We'd like to thank all of our players and hard working GMs for their support and loyalty to the server.
You guys are what makes fRO so great! Here's to many more years of fun together!



Battlegrounds comes to ForsakenRO!

The long anticipated Battlegrounds have arrived, but with high quality customization that promises an exciting new experience.
Now you can put your strength to the test by going head-to-head with an enemy team
in three different competitions: Tierra, KVM, and Flavius!

Each game mode offers a unique Battleground token,
which allows you to redeem exclusive prizes.


New Monthly Collectibles now available!

Upgrade your style with the Blue Emperor Hat, or a cute companion like Black Cat or White Rabbit!
Now available in the Token Shop for a limited time only!
Get them before they're gone!


Introducing a new Mystery Box and rotation

To spice things up, we're rotating mystery boxes on a monthly basis,
which means you can win new exclusive prizes each month!
This month's grand prize is a Red Ice Emperium Aurora.


The Great Poring Rebellion

Thousands of porings, tired of being picked on by novices everywhere, are revolting!
Genesis, Veracity, and Dream need your help to defend the city and defeat the Poring King.
As a reward, you'll receive the Poring King Hat.

Effects: Str +7, Luk +7, ASPD +7%
Increase Walking Speed by 5%
[+ Forsaken Knight's Cloak, Forsaken Knight's Armor, Forsaken Knight's Boots]
Immunity to Freeze All Stats + 7 Max HP + 3%
[Additional stats for July and August 2017]
Str+ 5, Vit + 5, Dex + 5



NEW Minstrel Song Hat recolors

New colors of the popular Minstrel Song Hat are now available!


Anniversary Token Sale

Now you can make it rain tokens with our special anniversary sale.
With every purchase, you'll receive 20% more tokens FREE!
Take advantage of this limited time sale in the Token Shop before it's gone!



  • Mystery Tokens are now tradeable. 
  • Valkyrie weapon effects updated in wiki.
  • New category added to wiki for weapons.
  • Halloween Headgears changed to "Specialty Headgears"
  • Voucher exchange NPC added in the token tavern.
  • Fixed issue with Fenrir spawns in formap103.
  • Kafras removed from bat_room.
  • Valkyrie can now be summoned with dead branches.
  • Skills disabled in bat_room.
  • "inside" mapflag removed from bat_room.
  • Valkyrie Weapons updated in Tokenshop.
  • Super Babies no longer allowed in Baby WoE.
  • Corrected incorrect description for Hel's Unholy Dagger.
  • Reduced the damage done by guardians in Baby WoE.
  • Buffed the Super Novice Blessed variants.
  • NOTE: Scripts reloaded at 10:00 AM


Coding and fixes by Genesis
Recolors by Ebisu
Previews by Barbie
Testing and implementation thank you to Yatogami and Moon. They were both extremely helpful in this entire process!
And as always, thanks to our awesome community for their suggestions!

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Just wanted to note* make sure to unequip and storage your MAIN weapon before you exchange...because the npc tends to pick your equipped weapon over the one you are ACTUALLY trying to trade in for another weapon, haha.

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Happy 11th Birthday my beloved ForsakenRO community!

It's been a long journey ever since then and I'm delighted I lasted long enough to experience all we went through! I hope and I'm convinced there's more to come and we can continue shining as bright as we've always been!

Thank you for the amazing update guys, you're never letting us down! Best server for a reason!

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Happy Birthday, fRO!
Thanks for always support us. ❤️
More years come for fRO!


Please take a minute to review us. (or renew your existing review!) n_n

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Hey guys, the following hot fixes have also been implemented:

  1. reduce HP for BG Barricades by more than half. 
  2. Reduced HP for BG Guardians by more than half.
  3. Added an option in Flavcius to move to the battlefield from fortifications (each faction now has a NPC they can speak to next to the crystal).
  4. Flavius Argus and Tierra Valley Forrest now only require 5 v 5, instead of 10 v 10.
  5. Fixed typo with Black Cat monthly collectible.
  6. Black Cat Ears sprite no longer showing the Black Cat sprite.
  7. White Rabbit Doll no longer showing the White Rabbit sprite.
  8. Novices/Baby Novices no longer allowed in BG.
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tanjobi omedetto fro 11th year old ❤️ 

happy 11th year old birthday for fro server :3

nice update of BG too ^^~


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28 minutes ago, ♠ M a r v i ♠ said:

Can someone give me the link for this update.? so i can download it my patcher is not working ? ThankYou


Try reinstall it. Completely uninstall it first then download the manual All-in-one again.

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