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Classic Critical Melee Sinx Build aka 更木 剣八

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This build are mainly for MVP, PVM, sneak killing(cloaking+melee).



asc_edp.gif  Enchant Deadly Poison (Skill ID# 378)-> Uses up a Poison Bottle to enchant your weapon. Increases ATK by (150+50*SkillLV)%.
Enemies that get hit by the enchanted weapon will randomly receive poison status ailment, and HP will be drained percentage wise very quickly.
The chance of poisoning is equal to Assassin's Enchant Poison poison chance. Works against Boss monsters.
Note that the element of the attack DOES NOT change to poison, so poison reducing effects (e.g. Armor slotted with Argiope Card) do not reduce the initial strike damage.

asc_meteorassault.gif  Meteor Assault [Skill can hit trap-type skill] (Skill ID# 406)->  An attack that causes mass damage to all enemies within a 5x5 cells area around the caster.
Any enemies hit by this skill will receive Stun, Blind or Bleeding status ailment randomly with a (5+5*SkillLV)% chance. Attack Power is 40%+40*LV%.

asc_cdp.gif  Create Deadly Poison (Skill ID# 407)->  Creates a deadly potion that can be drunk by the assassin or used for the Enchant Deadly Poison skill. DEX and LUK will help you successfully create this item (with DEX having twice as much effect compared to LUK), and upon failure, it reduces your HP by 25% of your Maximum HP (yes, you can die from this). If an Assassin Cross drinks this item, he will be poisoned, but his ASPD will increase. If any other character drinks this item, he/she will die on the spot.


STR:200-250(mainly max 250 str is enough for sinx, you're not a Lord Knight by chance)

AGI:*195 aspd*(UP dex 1st, then only agi)

VIT:100(status immunity)

INT:1-30(extra sp pool/regen for spamming meteor assault)

DEX:150(some HIT and instant cast for meteor assault)

LUK:200-270(To land your critical hit greatly+perfect dodge, atk, hit+hardly miss on target)





Upper gears:Ship captain variant[400 atokens]/Fking helm(2x seyren windsor/2x amadrias/2x bijou)

Middle gears:Rune of Power/zodiac aurora/mythical flame(seyren windsor/amadrias/bijou)

Lower gears:sinX bless ring*important*(vanberk/seyren windsor)

Armor:Fking armor(ghostring card+tao gunka card/argiope card+tao gunka card/2x tao gunka card/2x fraider card)

Weapon(right):Assassincross oriental crit sword/Legendary sinx critical sword(2x mobster, 2x tg)

Weapon(left/shield):Fenrir's feral dagger/Legendary sinx fenrir dagger(drake, 2x tg, valkryie randgris) OR friggs king shield(gtb->default shield)

Garment:Fking cloak(2x green maiden card)

Footgear:Fking shoe(2x firelock soldier card/2x boss egnigem card/lady tanee card+boss egnigem card/cursed sinX runes-4 MA-=meteor assault spam=-)

Accessory:STR gauntlets/STR belts/mixA gauntlets/mixA belts/brynhild valors(ifrit)/brynhild curse accessories(ifrit)


1. Please use aloe-vera or provoke from Lord Knight/Paladin for extra damage % ❤️❤️ 

2. Always spam Edp before hitting any MVP's :P

3. Cursed water always works for ghost element MVP(even tho is highest dmg against holy element) :3

4. Try research Lord Knight seyren card(does wonders lel)

5. Perfect flee(PD) works best for this build anyway~

6. Crafting enchant deadly poison also combos wif this guide too XD







Edited by niemono89
Update year 2020 杀 <-^^-> 更木 剣八 <zaraki>
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Major revamp, coz of bijou/amadrias/forsaken raider cards update :3

Plus some wolf fang accessories and also sinX bless ring ^^

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