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Soul Breaker Sinx Weapon

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I've been looking around at a couple guides for this type of build and can't exactly figure out the best weapon for this. I saw a guide say go wit either dual daggars, or a katar. Why wouldn't you use the legendary sinx blade?

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Thanks perfect hit, so if I can't afford that, then the L. Sinx blade would be the next best option correct?

I don't know the stats on that blade, but SBK is based off of the ATK of the weapon. So if that weapon gives the more attack then say Forsaken Dagger or Oriental Dex Sword, then yes would be next best thing.

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Yes legendary blade is good, but some players disregard it because it's hard to get good spam on it. Since the Kitty Claws give -10% aftercast that's what players get.

I played SBK with loki's legendary dagger and legendary blade, but the dmg is very underwhelming for the spam. With incant you get ~15k max and with thana ~25k max and that's only when they don't have skolls on.

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