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Best Gear - Build

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Hello, i've got few question since i forget everything of ragnarock.

1) i want play back the assasin i wanted know the best build and stats for pvp.

2) i should wear a gear but the big question is which? im looking for donate equip but i really have no idea which is the best.

Hope someone can help me on it would be a great help.

Thank you

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actually there is a best gear for a certain build. But there is no best build i think. Since it is how u play. Or what kind of style u play with sinx.

SB Sinx can dela massive damage but can also be killed instantaneously due to not having a shield. but then again i know some good sb sinx than can tank much damage.

for melee sinx. theres a lot of disadvantage. and advantage.

so clearly speaking u should think about what build suits ur gaming style. and when u figure it out. then ill be able to help.

Also its not always the gear. i am seeing good players with average gears but can par on geared ones.

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Most people would suggest attack style builds. However depending on your gameplay style and whom you wish to mainly PvP, I would recommend grabbing as many resist long range damage items and cards as you can. Along with elemental armours or elemental prop. Cards such as a ghostring card, or an evil Druid. This will give you a huge advantage as an "anti-soulbreaker" assassin build and you will dominate other SB sinx due to your huge damage reductions. Just some thoughts, the fine details are yours to create. Just have some fun with it! :)

Take a look around http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=link_card

Later days,

- Crimson

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My 1v1 SinX Dagger build is tanky actually. There are certain things that only work for the player itself. I use dwiz+amonra on a sinx and it worked quiet well for me. Granted I don't have that huge damage but I can fight longer than most sinx.

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