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Champ Lvling

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It's hard to level up with Champion job, but I suggest that you stick to using Combos until you hit max levels which are 255 base and 255 job.
Else, go get 195 ASPD for Raging Trifecta Blow then reset stats when you hit max.

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If u got a wizard friends. ask him/her to leech u up. the fastest way.

but as that nigger up ahead said, using combos is necessary when u lvl up alone. get max aspd. and str. also u can use cards in noob 4 slot weap to help u out. you can also try to use owl baron card in accessory for lex aterna thus doing 2x more damage.

Im not sure if asura works on uber poring etc. if it does. it can simply one hit them i think.

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Here is a great resource page for new comers! And is universal for all classes. It shouldn't take long to reach level 255, and don't forget to eat your yummy yummy experience boost cookies!! :) happy trails



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