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Slotted Ice Pick Or Crit Breaker And Why?

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Honestly, the only crit breaker I see that actually still breaks is Ohki. If you're looking for something cheaper I'd go with slotted icepick 100%, and you could just use scarf as your lower. Since crit breakers need to use ifrits on their lokis to put more stat points into vit. With icepick build you wouldn't need luk and be able to more easily survive. Have no reasoning to support this other than cost and the ones below because I dont crit break, but I don't ice pick break either since I can afford the more expensive gear.

Pros Using Icepick

- Double attack (basically hit twice)

- More damage based on vit defense (Emperium has high vit defense)

- Cheaper

- Less Gear Needed

- More HP


- Critical attacks do crappy damage (If you're unlucky and you crit as your last hit before emperium breaks you wont get the break)

- Only 1 slot (Less damage % cards)

- Damage ranges (Could do 32k one hit and 29k the next) <- using random example of numbers not actual tested numbers

Pros Using Crit build (assuming you get the ring+lokis+l.crit/l.fenrir or original versions of the item)

- More card slots = more damage

- Consistent damage


- More Expensive

- No double attack

- Less HP

There are probably more pros than I listed to crit breaking but I can't think of any more at this moment.

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Crit breaking, the goodtimes :D

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Crit build can defend himself, seeing as his damage is consistent even against players without changing much. Users of ice pick cannot defend themselves too well, so they are focused more on breaking. Trying both to see which feels natural for you is the best answer I guess, because both works decently enough.

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Well basically, if you don't have thana, Just go for crit built breaker.

I personally think that crit is way better that ice pick, yeah you get the thana effect but you have way less damage optimizer towards the emp compared to the 4 slot crit swords.

And Ice pick only gives much really, you have to spend stats on str and dex, which would give you less hp compared to when using the legendary or donate swords for sinx that gives bonus stats for the class.

I started as a crit breaker til i could afford a thanatos card, I tell you, ice pick just ruins the balance of your stats, it's just a pain trying to adjust around it when you have an easier option. Yeah it could work for low rate servers but not in this server, you would just be out damaged by any other breaker. unless you have all the luck in the world, then it could work.

Full build crit breaker vs. Full built Thana breaker = Thana has the advantage on last hitting due to the double attack, but full geared crit breakers have a huge hp pool and a descent damage output. difference between the two is that let's say the crit breaker deal 36k damage to the emp, it just stays like that. let's say the thana breaker does 23k damage to the emp, there's a 50% chance of it raising to double.

Both breakers a re still very viable in the server, but IN MY OWN OPINION and experience, ice pick is just a no no, even if it's slotted.

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