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Please Check If This Is Right Or Wrong Sinx Crit Help

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i am hitting 32-37k (but not evrybody) per hit with converters with:

top head - Satan mask - 2x seyren windson +10

middle - Light aur - vanderk card

low - sinx cape no card yet still researching

armor - Fking vote - Tao+GR and any suggestions for 2nd?


main - Sinx oriental crit sowrd w/ 2 TG and 2 paper

2nd - Lokis Cursed blades - 2 TG , rangdris(dispell), skel worker

Shield - Fking vote -Usakoring/GTB

Boots - fking vote FBH2x

Cloak - fking vote Skoll+raydric / 2 skoll

Acessory - Loki seal 2x with 2x Ifrit card



agi- 60 but have 195 aspd

vit - 196

luck - 0 - 119 crit rate

dex- 0

converters i use is Cursed w. and BOS

My friend told me its not full potential yet? what are we missing?

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1. I am not sure if satan mask works with vote fking set, you might want to check that out.

2. Using 2 swords as I remember gives penalty to hp, and uses a lot of agi just for aspd. Lose it, and use a dagger. You won't be always using dual weapons anyway, you switch it in at random moments during a duel to confuse enemy on his ygging.

3. Get forsaken soldier card for the cape

4, I rarely use vanberk, with loki's seals and ifrit cards, you should easily get 100-110 crit rate without investing too much luk. and hell, investing a bit of luck = some Perfect dodge,

5. I probably use a mobster card on the second weapon instead of skel worker or valk rand. valk randgris chance to dispel is nerfed on sinx, and the damage boost is lost too. so if I were you, i will go 2x tg, 1x mobster, 1x paper on the main or second(main if you want the mobster bonus always on hand) or just plain 2xtg, 2x paper on both damage weapons.

6. This might only work for dex sinx(i am a dex double dagger sinx) but I always use blue ifrit ring, because not all battles can be won with just damage. So i optimize my stats wearing the blue ifrit then the other accessory.

7. I have 5 armors on every character I use. gr tao, 2x tao, puppetring tao are the normal ones. The ones I bring depending on situations are garm tao, angeling tao, evil druid tao, and i forgot the cards for the magic reflect.

8. Always have something that can cast sight at least. You can see them with box of sunlight but you have no way of showing them up because your hit will be crap on crit

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all valk expansions dont work with vote sets.

for me if u already have 104 crit. use owl baron on lokis seal. to get lex aterna and deal double damage. also put str rune or erende ebecee card on the other for more str or auto pneuma against long range attackers consecutively.

i suggest to make ur str on 280 only. and put at least 150 dex base+bonus stats. so u use meteor assault to get the cloaking guys out of shadows.

And u only need 100 - 104 crit.

id rather use 2 skoll + 2rays rather than skoll+ray(this one good for woe and gang but not on 1v1 battle) cause its always case-to-case basis on pvp battle.

if u want dispell. use randgris helm.

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make ur cape 1st to ring..

so you dnt need ifrit..

if you have ring bless you can use str rune on lokis..

than on ring / cape use F.soldier so you cant be stone..

and than i think 4 TG is not good..

better on ur offhand use 1 TG 2 Skell work 1 Rangrids / Mao Guai?

and same like ely said, dont use 2 sword with sinx crit sword..

ur hp will - 70% i think..


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