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Need Help With Sinx Critical Type Breaker

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Fhelm + 10 = 2x Seyren Windsor Card

Aurora = Fsold / Maya Purple

Armor = Gloom+GR & Gloom + Gloom

Fluffy Wing / RS = Fsold / Maya Purple

Cloak = Raydric + Skoll

Boots = 2x Fallen Bishop Hibram Card

Accessories = 2x STR BELT / 2x Loki's Seal

Weapon = Sinx Crit [ TG,Abysmal,Paper,Paper]+Fdagger[Abysmal+TG+Orc Skeleton+Desert Wolf]

Hope my build can help u break emp..^_^


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how can i get fdagger? is it from donate or quest?

It was a quest. but its not available now. to get it, you need to buy it from other people who has them. it costs around 80-100toks :)

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