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Found 5 results

  1. -YatoSL's Soul Linker Guide- Since there is no guide for SL, I thought, why not make one? It's my first time to make a guide so please if there are any mistakes or concerns please let me know. I'll be teaching the basic card and stat builds for PvE/MvP for those who want to try. What is a Soul Linker? Soul Linkers give up the ways of TaeKwon Do in order to develop and refine their spiritual powers. Calling upon the power of their ancestors, they can use various Spirit Link skills to enhance the abilities of other players as well as use fancy looking offensive and defensive magic. Soul Linkers, despite their base being a melee class, are magic casters. Compared to Wizards and Sages, their spells are severely limited on what they can be used on, however, thanks to Mild Wind they can use powerful Holy, Ghost, and Shadow magic attacks, something that Wizards & Sages don't have. Depending on their skill build they must sacrifice something in one aspect or the other of the game, limiting them to only PvE and PVP They have relatively low HP, but better SP than average. Despite the high SP pool, their spells cost a lot of SP, so INT is often a high priority. On the other hand, many skills do not have extensive cast times (usually at higher levels), resulting in a lower need for DEX compared to other magic-using classes. A unique thing about Soul Linkers is that they are naturally immune to Dispell. (Source:iRO wiki) -Lets Start with stats- MvP/PvE (Note: You can play around with your Vit and Str if you think it is needed. I'm posting the Build I have.) Str: 80 to carry them seeds Agi: ASPD doesn't have to be 195. I set mine at 192 so I can alot stat points to others Vit: 20 Don't worry about having low HP because you will have def and Ka- skills to save you (Regarding the stuns, I don't really mind them since SL is tough enough to survive. This is just a personal choice. Up to you if you want higher vit to be immune to stuns) Int: 300 (To get the full damage of your Esma) Dex: Total 150 since no cast is fixed in this server Luk: 1 unless you gonna break an emp :th_heh: PvP Str: around total of 50 Agi: 195 for the spam Vit: place the rest of your stats here Int: Around 270 - 280 Dex: Total 150 for no cast Luk: 1 -Gears and Cards- Fknight/Fking/VoteKing will do :D MvP/PvE Build (+10 your gears for def) Headgears: Striking Headgear, Valk Helm or Expa Hat, Any Legandary Aura, and Balloon, Rucksack, Vote Cape or Curse Ring with 3 kiels and High Wiz Card Armors: Hatii/Ktullanux/Puppetring and High Priest Card and if possible Forsaken Raider Card Weapon: Soul Linker Highness Staff or Legendary Soul Linker Staff and put 2 bombring cards and 2 doppelganger(reason for this is to use less stats on agi) :th_no1: Shield: Fknight/Fking/VoteKing with GTB Cloak: 2 Deviling, 2 Raydric and 1 Deviling/Raydric + Hollowring Boots: 2 Fallen Bishop Hibram cards Accessories: 2 Int Gaunts/Belts or Urds with Int Runes if you have -Skills- -All the links so you can support your friends or party -Warm Wind make sure you get 1 of each element in your hot key bar cause this will be very useful to you -Tumbling 20% chance of dodging an enemy ranged physical or magic attacks Ka- Skills (Buffs) -Kaizel When you die, you are immidiately resurrected with a 2 second Kyrie Eleison Buff -Kaahi While this buff lasts, every time you are successfully attacked (skill attacks are not affected), it takes 5*SkillLV SP and heals 200*SkillLV HP. If you receive many attacks in a short time, the skill heal you for the total of the attacks (up to the heal limit) -Kaupe Allows you to absolutely evade an enemy attack. For AoE attacks, first hit is avoided -Kaite Reflects all offensive magic except status magic (i.e Stone Curse) Es-Skills (Offensive Skills) (Note: You need to use Estin/Estun/Eske before you can use Esma) "Es" type magic can only be used on monsters. If it is used on a player character, nothing happens and the caster will be stunned for 0.5 sec -Estin Magical skill that attacks only Small monsters. The affected monster is pushed back by 2 cells. When this is used on monsters that are not Small, it will do nearly no damage, but it will push them back. -Estun Magical skill that attacks only Medium monsters. The affected monster is stunned for 2 sec. When this is used on Small monsters it won't stun them, but it will do full damage. -Eske Increases monster's ATK by +300%, but halves their DEF. -Esma Strong Magic attack that changes its element depending on Warm Wind. This skill can also be used (within 3 seconds) after casting any kind of "Spirit"-type buffs. PvP Build Bolts and Stave Crasher are your primary offensive skills here. Spam them hard and remember to switch when needed Headgear: Striking Headgear, Valk Helm or Expa Hat, Any Legandary Aura, and Balloon, Rucksack, Vote Cape or Curse Ring with 3 kiels with Maya P. or Fsold. If you have Kafra Hairband(obtainable from etoks in token trader) It will boost your damage. Armors: GR/TGK and/or Double TGK (Personally I use 2 TGK because of the low HP pool. Please support my plea here Weapon: 3 L.SL Staff/SL Highness one with 4 kingrings and the other 2 Double TG, Inca/Thana, and Phreeoni for Stave Crasher Shield: Usakoring. No need GTB because of Kaite. just spam Kaite to reflect the magic damage Cloak: raydric and skoll Boots: 2 FBH cards Accessories: 2 Int Belts/Gaunts or 2 Urds with Siroma/Imp card -Final Notes- -Always check if your Kaizel is up because it'll be a huge help. -It is always good to check what element is best against the boss you're fighting with -Practice and get the right rhythm when spaming Estun and Esma because it will be very tiring if you keep spamming like bolts. :th_ok: Thank you for taking the time to read my guide. Please tell me if there's anything else I should add to make this guide useful for everyone in fRO. :th_thx: Credits to XenoSL for introducing me to SL Ohki for the raid guide. It gave me Ideas for this guide I'll be posting Raid guides for SL when I get enough information :th_sry:
  2. Basically Stat distribution is a pain for soul linker because most will go to Int then DEX, then ASPD/AGI(Needed) With whats left, you put the rest in STR. no more leftover for VIT. I was hoping you guys can increase the HP or buff the ring/valk weapon with more HP as compensation for the low HP pool.
  3. Name Your Price No Low Baller :) . I'm Just Selling My Extra SL Highness Staff.
  4. I noticed that Leap does not work in specific map like @go 15. for_fild01 etc. they should enable it on any map. Leap or High Jump for soul linker/Taekwon that let you jump over 2 cell or more. its like backslide for Sinx, only going forward not backward. Leap works in certain map like Go 13 niflheim or Go 3. Disregard this suggestion if you dont like it :) :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx: :th_thx:
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