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  1. For BDO Unibank PH option... Is the deposit amount affected by currency exchange rate changes? For example, today's exchange rate is 1USD = 52 PHP, and my total order amounts to 200USD, then the total amount to be deposited is (200 x 52) + 50 (for MNL)?
  2. So here's the situation. I was farming Treasure Boxes earlier on abyss_03 when some HW DELIBERATELY SPAMS skills on me. To be honest, I have no issue on dying to another player's skill. Heck, I died lots of times when randomly warping on LoV cast area. But this? Killing you on purpose? I don't know if having PVP ON on farming areas are healthy for new players.
  3. This is on point. I share the same sentiments. Hmm. Sounds like a good idea IMO
  4. Is this still viable for MVP Hunting on today's meta?
  5. PM Me -Sniper Mask -Guillotine Cross Mask -High Wizard Mask
  6. Look for Sniper Mask, High Wizard Mask, or Guillotine Cross Mask
  7. To all PH fRO Players, Do you have an organized group on FB, Discord, etc? I'm just wondering if there are any. :3
  8. Hello there! I am here again. :3 I already found the list of the quests through the wiki. But as I dive deeper into the forums, I found out that some of them are now obsolete (the quest were already removed). Can someone give me a link/links of the updated quests, espcially the Storyline and the Items quest? Your help would be much appreciated. <3
  9. Good day! I need some help with regards to the Settings Menu (Esc Button) and the Shortcut Bar (F12) First, it seems that there are missing options in the Settings Menu (Esc Button). I want to adjust/modify all of my settings (Video, Resolution, Sound; especially to turn off the effects of the skill casts since it's causing some sort of delay on my end even though I have a borderline high-end PC). Second, it seems that you cannot expand the shortcut bars to show all three tabs. Also, I want to know tips on how to macro skills/items in t he shortcut bar (if it's allowed on this
  10. I'm at go @7. IGN: Guillotine Cross Mask
  11. Is that an NPC? If yes, what are his exact coordinates?
  12. Hello, guys! Newbie here. I only got to play RO for 3 months, and the last time I played it was about 7 years ago. I am having trouble setting up the F12 (Shortcut bar) and expanding the skill tree. Can someone guide me and also give me more useful commands? Thanks!
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