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    F. King Armor F. King Cloak PM me in-game: TheEnrique / The Enriquee
  2. +1. Same as the Dual/Upgraded/Combination Godslayer sword ~
  3. Thanks man, I already sent one and got a reply. Genesis said there wasn't anything to salvage on that Account so I'm better off starting fresh and new. Lol Though as far as I can remember, there were Vote Items on that Account which from that time, could not be traded. Anyways, thanks for the info bro! I see we're both fans of Gohan. Lul <3
  4. Waddup ForsakenRO! It's been 6+ years since the last time I played on this server <3. My IGN is The Enrique (Sinx) and I'm trying to get my old account as I've sent a ticket to the Support section. I've forgot my password on that account and I'm still hoping I could still recover it. <3 <3 Hope I get a warm welcome again from players around. Lul <3
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