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  • Fate of the Gods II: Blessed Ring Guide



    Please note that you have to be a Forsaken Knight to be able to do this quest!


    Step 1

    Choose Odin's side when Loki is trying to trick you.


    Step 2

    Go back to Odin in Asgard and relate to him what happened.


    Step 3

    Talk to Frigg again and leave the castle after speaking to her.


    Step 4

    Talk to the A'esir Goddess.


    Step 5

    Talk to the A'esir God.


    Step 6

    Talk to the A'esir Goddess.


    Step 7

    Talk to the A'esir God.


    Step 8

    Talk to the A'esir Goddess.


    Step 9

    Talk to the A'esir God.


    Step 10

    Talk to the A'esir Goddess and receive the Tears of the A'esir.


    Step 11

    Join the Pious woman on her pilgrimage to Vanaheim.


    Step 12

    Wait on the airplane until you reach Vanaheim and a portal appears.



    Step 12b

    Walk through Vanaheim plains until coords 376 49 (lower right)


    Step 13

    Inspect the statue in front of the Vanir's palace and receive a Feeling of Grace.


    Step 14

    Enter the palace and talk to Freyr.


    Step 15

    Talk to Freya and receive the Tears of the Vanir.


    Step 16

    Take a rest under the tree near the stream.


    Step 17

    Continue on into the forest.


    Step 18

    Talk to Paeris and receive Tears of the Lightalfs.


    Step 19

    Enter into the dark cavern.


    Step 20

    Continue into the buildings.


    Step 21

    Go down the dark stairwell.


    Step 22

    Venture into the dark hall.


    Step 23

    Talk to the Svartalfar Dark Alf and receive

    Tears of the Svartalfs.


    Step 24

    Talk to the Wise Old Man by the river.


    Step 25

    Talk to the Wise Old Man again and receive

    Tears of Midgard.


    Step 26

    Descend into the darkness to reach Ginnungagap.


    Step 27

    Walk to the cliff's edge and continue.


    Step 28

    Inspect the glowing ice.


    Step 29

    Talk to Sinmara and receive Tears of Nifleheim.


    Step 30

    Return to Ginnungagap and go to another cliff's edge, then continue.


    Step 31

    Enter the portal.


    Step 32

    Talk to Thrasir and receive Tears of Muspellheim.


    Step 33

    Climb the mountains before you.


    Step 34

    Talk to the masked stranger, who will show you the way past the mountains.


    Step 35

    Enter the portal to reach Jotunheim.


    Step 36

    Talk to Thokk, and when she refuses, return to Asgard.


    Step 37

    Inform Frigg of what has happened.


    Step 38

    Talk to the Prophetess Voluspa in Asgard outside the castle.


    Step 39

    Return inside and inform Odin what Voluspa said.


    Step 40

    Return to Jotunheim and find Alsvart.


    Step 41

    Talk to Skadi and give her the following items:

    1 Small Snow Flower

    1 Odin Armor Piece

    1 Loki's Staff

    1 Bobbin of Goddess

    1 Thor's Gauntlets

    1 Sif's Golden Tresses

    1 Shoes of Vidar

    100,000,000 zeny


    Step 42

    Return to Asgard and find out where the gods are.


    Step 43

    Find a boat to take you to A'egir's Shore.


    Step 44

    Talk to Eldir and bring him the following:

    1 A'egir's Golden Key

    20 Yggdrasil Berry Tickests

    100,000,000 zeny


    Step 45

    Inside the feast hall, talk to Bragi and collect:

    1 Distilled Fighting Spirit


    Step 46

    Talk to Vidar and collect:

    1000 Broken Liquor Jar


    Step 47

    Talk to Idunn and collect:

    10 Silver Knife of Chastity


    Step 48

    Talk to Gefjun and collect:

    500 Cursed Ruby


    Step 49

    Talk to Frigg and collect:

    1 Mother's Nightmare


    Step 50

    Talk to Freya and collect:

    1 Holy Avenger


    Step 51

    Talk to Njoror and collect:

    500 Tangled Chains


    Step 52

    Talk to Tyr and collect:

    1 Cursed Hand


    Step 53

    Talk to Freyr and collect:

    2 Ruber


    Step 54

    Talk to Heimdallr and collect:

    1 Hawk Eyes


    Step 55

    Talk to Skadi and collect:

    1 Ice Scale


    Step 56

    Talk to Sif and collect:

    150 Symbol of Faith


    Step 57

    Leave the party to try to find Loki. Talk to the Fairy outside.


    Step 58

    Try to move the suspiciously placed rock.

    You'll begin the A'egir's Sumberged Palace raid.

    This another difficult and custom raid you'll want a party for!


    Step 59

    Once you're done with the raid, find Loki who is hiding nearby disguised as a fish.


    Step 60

    Return to the shore and find Thor who has just arrived.

    Give him the items that the gods in the feast hall had asked you to collect.


    Step 61

    Talk to Odin, who will give you the Blessed Ring.

    There are two options you can choose: Donation or non-donation.

    Donation Blessed Ring requires:

    1 Infernal Cape of the corresponding class

    Non-donation Blessed Ring requires:

    one quest poring, poporing, and drops rucksack each and one quest RAW

    Please make sure to choose carefully!

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    If someone crashes in a certain map, do this. Log your char, remember the last alt+m teleport, press the hotkey as fast as you can before the loading hits 100%. HOpe this works to you, works fine to me :)

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    Dew of Yggdrasil Shining Plant at 10%

    Prophetess Ward Isilla at 10%

    Ymir's Heart Argos at 10%

    Mighty Strength Sword Guardian at 50%

    Elixir of Alfheim Mavka at 10%

    Cloud Essence Gryphon at 50%

    Spiritual Whispers Valkyrie at 50%

    Dusk Glow Salamander at 50%

    Damp Darkness Chimera at 50%

    Chills of Death Bloody Knight at 50%

    Breath of Spirit High Priest Magaleta at 50%

    Piece of Darkness Dark Lord at 50%

    Bobbin of Goddess Valkyrie Randgris at 100%

    Broken Crown Gopinich at 100%

    Broken Pharoh Emblem Amon Ra at 50%

    Magic Stone Gemini-S58 at 10%

    Thor's Gauntlets Thanatos at 100%

    Andvari's Magic Ring Bacsojin at 50%

    Light Granule Acidus at 50%, Fake Angel at 50%

    Small Snow Flower Garm at 50%

    Odin Armor Piece Detale at 50%

    Loki's Staff Fallen Bishop Hibram at 50%

    Sif's Golden Tresses Golden Thief Bug at 50%

    Shoes of Vidar Evil Snake Lord at 100%

    A'egir's Golden Key Alice at 10%

    Distilled Fighting Spirit Mutant Dragonoid at 100%

    Hawk Eyes Owl Baron at 1%

    Symbol of Faith Margaretha Sorin at 30%

    so igot this all item to do that quest ?

    tell me pls [GM]

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    MrKelS, you can view the stats of the rings in the beginning part of the guide. Sorry, I'll add it here too! :)

    Can you give a guide how to make cursed ring ? Thanksss a lot ! :)))

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    15 hours ago, zephyrusmike said:

    sir. anyone knows where can i find Loki to start the quest?
    Please guide me..  Thank you in advance3


    You need to do Gates of Hel raid first after finishing it, it will warp you to some place right? from there go to the right side part of the map and you will be able to find him there to start the quest.

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    for make this quest need make  this quest (blessed ring guide)" ? or can make quest blessed ring without make "Fate of the Gods II: Quest Beginning"?


    Edited by CAMAbed

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