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Full Blitz(falconer) build/FA/traps sniper(guardian ring set guide)

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Another guide of falconer type sniper ❤️ Thx to the guardian ring updates from FRO server as always ❤️ [All purpose type=mvp/pve/pvp/woe]


For this build, u will be used to auto-attack blitz+spamming arrow shower+spamming FA/falcon assault+planting traps alot ^^~

Basically this type of snipers would be hybrid INT,DEX,LUK. So, please don't compare it among DS, FAS type sniper's damage XD

Hint: Average damage dealer, FLAT critical damage, trap strategist(offender woe+defender woe+woe breaker range type), stun lock pro, falcon always support the back up damage for ya~


<A> Stats: (all rounder hybrid type)

STR: 50-70(weight capacity for ygg seed+traps, extra damage too but not as much as DEX)

AGI: *195 aspd*

VIT:  Exact 100 VIT(if u feel the stats distribution were unsatisfy, thus u can go higher hpmax that fits ur own)

INT:  110/130/150/190(just chose these either 4 total numbers, also max damage for blitz beat, FA, traps+more sp for trap users)

DEX: 280-290(divisible by 10 for extra bonus DEX ❤️ max damage for blitz beat too) 

LUK: 90-110(Enuff for ur lovely falcon to head n back fort 24/7 by 90% rates, when u auto-attacks ❤️ gets perfect dodge+critical like a sinX ❤️ )


<B> Stats: (Blitz beat, FA, Traps type) Just tweak the stats of INT, DEX, LUK ❤️ u can go higher STR(more traps to hold)and higher VIT for this build ❤️ DEX stat would get sacrified alot for this. Bow slotted with autocast cards+Accessories of 2x Mix B gauntet or 2x sigrun with ifrits/Int runes are the best choice here :3

INT: 200/250/280/290(blitz, FA, traps)

DEX: 150/whatever numbers that satisfy ur own(instant cast *u're not DS/FAS type, thus blitz+FA is ur best friend ❤️ *)

LUK: 100-150(blitz stun lock purpose while auto-attack style ❤️ ur falcon would became m16 sub machine-gun all the way ❤️ )




HEAD upper: F.king helm/Ship captain hat*compulsary*(vanberk+kiel/vesper+kiel)

HEAD middle: Any auras(kiel/lord knight seyren/grand peco)

HEAD lower: Sniper guardian ring*compulsary*(kiel/forsaken soldier)

ARMOR: F.king armor(TaoGK+anolian/TaoGK+RSX-0806/TaoGK+gloom under night/TaoGK+ktullanux/TaoGK+orc lord/ghostring+TaoGK/ghostring+forsaken raider)

WEAPON:Hrist's wing bow/Legendary wing bow(4x cursed sniper rune*full blitz, traps dealer*/2x cursed sniper rune+thanatos+LOD*dealing high Vit target*/2x cursed sniper rune+thanatos+bow guardian*arrow shower wannabe*/2x cursed sniper rune+turtle general+randgris*all purpose dealer*/2x cursed sniper rune+turtle general+the paper/cursed sniper rune+abysmal knight+bloody knight+stormy knight*mvping fun troll*/cursed sniper rune+atroce+2x the paper*hybrid blitz critical*/cursed sniper rune+randgris+2x sniper cecil or 2x hunter fly*high grade troller+hp regen*/2x LOD or LOD+dragoon warlord+mastersmith harword+metalling*coma-strip-melt down wannabe*)

SHIELD: F.king shield/Friggs shield(GTB/horn/maya/usakoring)

GARMENT: F.king cloak(2x noxious/noxious+green maiden/dragon tail+sinX eremes/sinX eremes+skoll/2x kasa)

FOOTGEAR: F.king shoe(Amon ra+GEC/Amon ra+merman/Amon ra+fallen bishop hibram/Dragoon wizard+Amon ra/GEC+dark lord)

ACCESSORY: 2x mix B/L.gauntet INT+L.gauntet DEX/2x L.gauntet INT/urds with ifrits+sigrun with ifrit/2x freyr with ifrit, dex rune/2x sigrun with errende ebecee, wickebine tres



1. Don't mess with paladin's defender skill, even tho u can troll with them ❤️ 80% ranged deduction ❤️ EXCEPTION for the FA skill ❤️ 

2. Arrow shower is ur aoe damage best friend(less delay than FAS). Please use it as crowd control option :P

3. Always use blitz(falcon) to stun lock ur enemy ❤️ 

4. Blitz, FA, Trap r useful, coz it ignores DEF, Flee, MDEF of any target ❤️ 

5. Another useful trap to troll ASURA champ=shockwave trap. Most common trap would be skid, blast mine(fire), claymore(wind)

6. Blitz beat always serve best for single target but would split damage within 2 targets and above(3x3 cells damage), no cast time BUT have cast delay between triggered state~(kiel can reduce it)

7. Blitz beat, FA bypasses auto-guard skill, sugoiiiiiiii~

8. Samurai spectre useless for this blitz build(the Luk stat already ignores flee for the major ❤️ unless the target have high Luk stat than u :P)

9. To increase blitz beat, FA, traps. main stat would be INT ❤️ 

10. Try to rebalance ur INT, DEX, LUK, coz this is ur main issue for blitz build sniper ^^!

11. Arrow shower skill can push ur traps, dont worry XD

12. Legendary arrow set are the main assets for blitz build sniper ❤️ 

13. Blitz beat damages heavily affected by stats(Int+Dex), sniper guardian ring, cursed sniper rune, mix B/freyr/urds/sigrun ❤️ 


Edited by niemono89
Orders your Falcon to attack, delivering SkillLV hits to all enemies in a 3x3 area around the target for a total of ([DEX/10] + [INT/2] + 3*Steel Crow SkillLV + 40)*2)

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Changed the "Legendary sniper bow" to "Legendary wing bow" ❤️ 

Coz that bow is the most suitable for INT type sniper :3

Edited by niemono89
INT sniper 超可愛い

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