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  1. @niemono89 Cool thanks! By the way, my STR already has a fixed +57 i don't know why, so i'll just add 3 points to it, so it will be 60, right? One last thing, let's just say i'm currently a non- donator.. what equips can you suggest?
  2. tirfing in gl_cas02 is much easier, those hallucination from fake angels are really annoying.. and we have to do this twice right? so everything on the list is x2?
  3. @niemono89 Thanks.. so basically for the B stat there's no need to make the atk spd to 195? my current stats ar(no falcon eyes): STR 1 + 57 AGI 124 + 66 (195 atk spd) VIT 55 + 40 INT 137 + 117 DEX 290 + 100 LUK 67 + 38 i still have the basic gears with the anolian card set (no mvp cards), and a few add ons, im still hunting MVPS and farming zennies. I'm hitting a consistent 44.4k with the blitz or 44.8k with falcon eyes. just finished the L.gauntlet quest and it seems that it's not slotted, so i can't go with 2x mixB coz it i wont
  4. luitot


    so many abbreviation/acronyms there should be a thread about what they mean.. i'm a newbie so don't mind me..
  5. it would be very nice if there are previews of these headgears on their guides.. i don't have problems with looting tho, i just fill up my inventory with cards that are not related to the quest then @autoloot
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