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Grand Cross/int Paladin Build

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These paladin build were like those that afraid/lazy to tank the front lines or just kinda boring to play pure VIT builds.

*You can try this build, whenever have free times :3*


STR:60-90(just enough left over,if int 280++)

AGI:enough for 195 aspd(up dex 1st)

VIT:100-130(Impressive for a non-tanker paladin)

INT:270-300(grand cross+matk damage output)

DEX:*exactly 150*



Head upper:Fking helm(2x white lady/2x vesper)

Head middle:Anything(white lady/kiel card/vesper)

Head lower:Anything(kiel)

Armor:Fking armor(2x orc lord/RSX-0806+high priest/ord lord+high priest/2x tao gunka)

Weapon:Legendary paladin spear/valk.weapons(samurai spectre+stormy knight+2x phreeoni/samurai spectre+2x bloody knight+turtle general)

Shield:Fking shield(golden thief bug/maya*need 2 more cards for 100% single target matk reflect*)

Garment:Fking cloak(2x skoll/2x raydric/2x noxious/2x kasa/2x salamander)

Footgear:Fking boot(2x dark lord/2x general egnigem cenia/2x amonra)

Accessory:2x INT gauntet/2x VIT gauntet/ring of resonance+ring of flame lord)

*For 100% single target matk reflect, you"ll need 2x frus(armor)+maya(shield)+2x cat o' nine tails(boots)

ENJOY~ :th_ok:

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