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Most Trolling Build Ever!

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This build is like High-HP, High-Reducs, Anti-Magic, Anti-Thana Build for ALL JOBS

I made this Freaking Build for anyone who'd like to earn tokens through WoEs or someother stuff.

They said that, characters with this build(well, they're actually talking about my character) was a waste.

So i did this Post, also with a purpose.

Well currently, i'm using this build with my Clown. This Character didn't took the knight quest yet.
so i guess, it'll be better whenever i get it :3

The Stats are Suggestable to be like this:

STR : Enough to carry 200+ seeds.(Seeds are way better than Berries for tankers since they have High-HP and also alot weightless)

AGI: 1+??(Leave the Agi thing. Unless, you need to spam skills whenever you switch items.)

VIT: MAKE IT 300!!! NYAHAHA! idc with the DEF thing >:D there'll be some magic in it :3

INT: 1+??(No matter what, leave it right there :3)

DEX: Enough for total of 150 dex for no-cast skills.

LUK: The rest Should be put here since FleeRate is still useful tho. XD

Note: When you go with a Clown Spammer & Tanker Build, You need first to set your items with the best you have when it comes to spamming. Then you can start setting the Stats.

Switching with gears will be easy when you have your BM(BattleMode) 'on'.

And the 'TANK thing' goes here:

UPPER HG: Well, I have Beret(Which Gives 10%reducs from Demi-humans) but SantaPoringHat(Gives 20%more damage against demi-human, Reduces 15% damage from Demi-human)
MIDDLE HG: I only have L.zod XD. but Most Preferably Skull Aura All stats + 20, Reduce damage taken from Holy, Poison, Shadow, and Ghost properties by 10%, Reduce damage taken from Neutral property by 7%. Reflect 4% of physical damage taken. A good thing for Tankers :3
Lower HG : I Have LSGW(Legendary Sacred Gold Wing : 8% Reducs with this XD) but You can have through vote : Fluffy Wings | Or buy this thing : Sacred Wing which Gives 10%both.

Weapon: You can only have two(2) for tanking. Grimtooth(To reduce the High-Def brought by high-vit and other equips) & Combat Knife ( To further reduce the damage Taken from Players). You can Switch with these 2 weapons whenever they have Thana or not.

Armor: Prepare 2armors. one with TGK TGK on it(To MaxOut the HP while decreasing the DEF). and another with MarcTGK on it(Because even with GTB, getting Frozen Still triggers with Frost Joker :3

Shield: Use 2 Forsaken Knight Shields(Why Knight Shield Only? Because Combat Knife Doesn't Stack with the King SHield :3 ). One with usako and another with GTB.

Cloak: Prepare 2 Forsaken Knight Cloaks. One with 2ray and another with 2skoll.( You can just Switch Anyways XD)

Boots: I prefer FknightBoots with Green Ferus + AmonRa(Green Ferus for Additional Vit and HP and AmonRa for The Additional Stats and Kyrie Eleison)

Accessories: Currently, I Only have 2Vit Gaunts, but if you can afford, use 2AShgard's Essence with Vit Runes in it XD(Vit runes give +5Vit and +5% MaxHP)

I just Trolled People With this kind of build.

Note: ALL OF MY SUGGESTIONS ARE STACKABLE but i don't know with the Skull Aura Since I don't have it Yet XD

And I'm Too sure that The SantaPoringHat,SacredWIng,Shield(withUsako)&Combat Knife Stacks.

With a Total of 87%reducs, there's a very little chance for players to kill you >:D

And i was Thinking about Making a Baby Crusader with this build :3
with the additional 2k stat points, and further 200 stat points from the knight quest, i guess, there'll be a GOD in tanking :3

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lol... howabout instead of making a baby crusader, why not make a full reduct clown/gypsy as tarroter... i believe your build can tank almost the impossible, then wait for tarrot coma to strike. XD

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Is a majority fine build for tanking/farming :th_ok:

But try to avoid Biochemist/creator on your way, since your base VIT is quite high :th_e2:

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