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Found 2 results

  1. Hello~ Me again, in the suggestion thread again. :3 Well today, i'm suggesting a PvP tournament ?.. I know that we have the PvP rooms, and the for_fild01. But.. Its all barbaric, and stuff.. i mean, its either a team effort, or.. 1 against everyone? Well, I'm suggesting an arena style pvp, where the players have to sign up, to join. then moved to a map, where there's only 2 contenders. I hope you are still following me on this. Then, other players, who are waiting to get paired up, can watch the match, or just wait in the waiting room. Rules will be applied, (what ever they will be) Time limited Matches Rewarding Matches PvP Arena ladders Champion Title ? (being creative here)
  2. How it works: - People are randomly warped in a room against another player - Duel for 10 minutes with FCP for both players and storage disabled - Winner gets a point. No points for a tie or lose - 1 minute rest after every round to refill items - After 5 rounds the top 8 scoring proceed to playoffs - Championship is best of 3 rounds in an Arena where there could be spectators around but cannot interfere Please leave feedback if you like this suggestion or not and leave comments. Let’s make this happen guys!! :th_bo: :th_e9: :th_thx:
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