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Found 17 results

  1. Why my account got ban User name : scrobertobeyond1 can you please reply why my account got ban its just iam working thats why im not using it
  2. Good Day GMs.. Its been a while to make here on suggestion .. So actually Guild Dongsqaud will be angry for this topic.. GMs the next patch can you check and test SG and GS Gardian(fullbaster). I think this is too OP compared to WSC before.. Thank you hope you to test that OP job and to balance all char.. ?
  3. Hello, I'd like to suggest labeling items that are used in quests with [Quest Item] in blue or red text in their description in order to prevent people from accidentally selling valuable items that they could later need in quests, and stop scamming by more experienced players on beginners. Since the only way to find out what items are used in quests is to look at every single quest and ctrl + f, it can be very time consuming. This would make life a lot easier for players and prevent mistakes. It could be even more useful if it said "Used in xxx Quest" I believe this is a very easy edit for the GM's to do (literally adding some text, can copy and paste it) and can benefit the community a lot. Tell me what you think, Thanks!
  4. OBJECTIVE Well then , its just a crazy idea that came up from my mind while eating bananas. LOL. :D IDEA As what the title says , we're going to find some bananas. BA BA BA ! BA BA NANA ! BANANAAAAHH , CONCIERTO NAAHHH ! :D In this event we only need one GM. Mechanics will be: GM will be spawning 500? or 1000 Mobs maybe in a map just like where the MVP Invasion Event is hosted. Mobs should be non-aggressive with 1,000,000 Million HP (1M HP? Yes, this will make the thrill , will be explained further) but just like pandaring when you hit it , -1HP Per Hit and should look like a monkey or the minions in movies. :D Common ! Customize it ! Please. Or just the monkeys (CHOCO) then ? Just edit the HP and HIT don't wanna give you a hard time. An NPC will be needed to add at go 38 , Find The Banana NPC where players go when the event will be hosted. Now here is how it goes: The GM will now broadcast. Find The Bananas Event Momentarily In this event , you will need to kill monkeys who stole my bananas. The Find The Banana NPC is now open. Talk to the NPC to join. (Players come in the map) You have 3 minutes to join. CLOSING~ CLOSED! Rules are simple, Just kill all the monkeys and whoever brings back my stolen bananas will get a reward. Skills are deactivated. Just normal hit a monkey until it dies. Don't forget to autoloot my stolen bananas. (GM will spawn monkeys) Event will last until all monkeys are killed, the 1 Million HP and -1 HP Per Hit is needed so that a single player will take time to kill a monkey, this will prevent them from overpowering newbie players and make the event balanced for PROS and NEWBIES, AOE Skill will be disabled so everyone can have a monkey to kill, there will be a percentage of monkeys that will drop stolen bananas. Maybe 100 out of 500 monkeys? And each of the 100 monkeys will drop 2 Bananas. After all the monkeys are killed , players who got stolen bananas will now then trade it to the GM for their prize. 2 Bananas = 1 Event Token 4 Bananas = 2 Event Token 6 Bananas = 3 Event Token So if a player got more than 6 bananas by luckily killing a lot of monkeys who dropped the stolen bananas, just do the math , 2 bananas is to 1 event token rate. :D GM will be needing 50 Event tokens for this event. Its a decent amount since this event will take a lot of time. 1Million HP is like an emperium. Well that's all. :D TEAM @Artemis @Moon @Danger @Penthesiliea @Genesis @Harmony sorry for tagging all , I have no idea who is assigned. *.* RESULT Please give time to test it. I think it will be fun having this event in the server. Thank you. I'm looking forward for the GM Team to approve my suggestion and good luck guys ! :D
  5. OBJECTIVE There's nothing much i can say about how i created my idea. Just felt bored from old events maybe so i thought maybe we need to put a little twist on it. IDEA I don't know how to title it but its scavenger + hide and seek + jumbled password , yeah its all-in-one. :D 2 GM's are needed in this event (GM A & GM B). Mechanics will be: GM A & GM B will hide in a different map. GM A will now broadcast. Example: Good day players , today me and my partner will be hosting (Event Title). Everybody is allowed to join. This is an extreme event where you will be hunting , seeking & cracking password. *.* Me & my partner will hide in a different map. I will be disguised and trade you once you found me and my partner will be located on a different map with a pub needed to be cracked. I will then give you clues which map where i hide and broadcast the items you need to bring to me before you advance to the 2nd map where my partner is hiding and crack the password on his pub. (So after a player has found and brought the items to GM-A , GM-A will now tell to the player the map where GM-B is hiding (Not the exact location , just a clue ) (Ex: You can now advance to the second map , find GM-B @prontera) where GM-B is located with a pub with a jumbled password ex: FORKENSA = FORSAKEN.) To be an official winner a player should crack the password. 3 Lucky Participants will get prizes in this event. (Ex: 1st player to win gets 30 Event Tokens , 2nd 20 Event Tokens , 3rd / last 10 Event Tokens). TEAM @Artemis @Moon @Danger @Penthesiliea @Genesis sorry for tagging all , I have no idea who is assigned. *.* RESULT Unlike Jumbled Password/Scavenger/Hide & Seek itself, this event is much more balanced for PROS & NEWBIES. In Jumbled Password , players with decent eq's for running + cspeed and a prepared list of the never changed clues always wins. In Scavenger , wizards with decent eq's for hunting always wins . In Hide & Seek , players with decent eq's + cspeed for running always wins. and this results for newbies to have a small change of winning. While in my idea , EQ's and POWER doesn't matter. What if PRO player hunts fast but slow in seeking for the hiding GM , while the NEWBIE is a weak hunter but can cope up because the NEWBIE is too lucky in seeking for the hiding GM. What if PRO player seeks first the hiding GM-A and advanced to the 2nd map but too dumb to crack the password of GM-B while the NEWBIE came up late but too knowledgeable to solve and crack the password. So this results as a test of luck and intelligence if you join the event. POWER is useless. Please give time to test it. I think it will be fun having this event in the server. Thank you. I'm looking forward for the GM Team to approve my suggestion and good luck guys ! :D
  6. Hi folks, It seems that the additional 7% attack on the Sniper Blessed Ring does not take effect. I tried to wear both blessed and cursed ring, both are giving 45 Dex on their description, the difference is Blessed Ring has an additional "ATK+7%". But when i wore both rings, the attack on the Status Window{alt+A] did not increase/decrease between Rings. Can anyone please clarify on this? Thank you guys!
  7. Id love to have a firelock soldier pet but I'm having a problem catching one in safari. Once I click the "????" sign to the mob , nothing will happen next. Unlike in other mobs , the second option to catch the pet will appear. Here are my screenshots. https://imgur.com/a/XOdfa Please kindly fix it. :( </3 Thank you !
  8. Hello! I've been browsing the forums quite a bit and seen the complaints of people who suffer from ping lag when it comes to pvp. For me, I absolutely love pvp and would like nothing more than to play in a server where it feels like my every input is recognized by the server instantly. I also don't like losing due to the fact that lag got me at a critical moment. Both of those are just dreams right? Anyways, I still don't know where the server location is (a player told me somewhere in Chicago, but was unsure). I play from Japan and I use a pretty decent VPN to connect to America; result is actually worse than just playing on my regular line. So I still do feel the lag from time to time. SInce this is a server that caters to people internationally, one thats been up for +8 years (?), and has balanced PVP, I figured maybe it would be a good idea to suggest a way to implement a server side skill latency fix, like adelays. OBJECTIVE - Make a better PVP environment, regardless of location; to promote fair competition for all players in pvp. IDEA - *LINKS ARE NOT ADVERTISEMENT* Genesis (or the scripters of the team) make their own server side skill latency fix for ForsakenRO OR refer to this other p.server (that is sadly closing): https://riseofmidgard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9 (*please read the following link for explanation of frostdelays) and ask to possibly use their frostdelays system and implement it in fRO. I say this because the owner of said server is already planning to close their server and is wondering about what to do with their scripts. (* refer to link: https://riseofmidgard.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=47&p=5614#p5614). I wanted to add these references in the event that the team takes me up on my suggestion and decides to instead just code their own delays script that IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO THIS. TEAM - Scripters, Genesis (I'm still new to this server, so I don't exactly know who's who. sorry!) RESULTS - Will probably entice more players from other parts of the world to come play on ForsakenRO and possibly keep more of those who were planning to migrate (or stop playing) just because of ping issues.
  9. OBJECTIVE Ease of access in storage . Faster trades when selling / buying . Lesser weight in inventory . IDEA This idea came up to me when suddenly it came to the point that i have figured out the use of ticket exchanger , since i am a seller of guild supplies i need the service of the NPC every time i trade tons of supplies . And for me there are still few things needed to be added in the option menu . Like items that has large weight and makes me repeat trades several times if the costumer is buying tons of it and it's not on the list of options that can be converted to tickets . AS OF NOW, the things we have on the list of options in items that can be converted to tickets are : Yggdrasil Berry Yggdrasil Seed Deadly Poison Speed Potion Box of Storm FCP Cursed Water Concentrated Speed Potion Authoritative Badge AND we still have few items that can't be converted but are useful (especially for PVP Players and WOE Guild) such as : Box of Sunlight Box of Gloom Box of Resentment Holy Water Aloevera Elemental Converter TEAM #GENESIS RESULT Faster trades and easier selling / buying . Easier re-pots for raid after being warped out town . Less weight to carry . Thank you and I'm looking forward for the GM Team to approve my suggestion. By - Macoy A.K.A The Chainsmoker
  10. OBJECTIVE Time Killer / Boredom Killer Players / Gamblers Bonding Room Another fun and exciting game to play for FRO gamers IDEA My idea was taken from the "Video Karera" gambling machine which low profile pinoy street gamblers play , in video karera - players bet between horses with their designated tracks by putting peso coins on the slot machine and by selecting the lane of the horse they wish to win , the horse who reaches the finish line first wins and your lucky if you have placed your bet on that horse. I want to suggest an fRO version of it and instead of horses we gonna use porings for the race . What we need are 6 tracks or more and an NPC for placing players bets : Poring = 1st Track Poporing = 2nd Track Marin = 3rd Track Deviling = 4th Track Angeling = 5th Track Arcangeling = 6th Track NPC ( Where to place amount of bet [TOKENS] and choosing track ) Mechanics will be : Minimum of three players or more to bet before the poring starts to run from their tracks from starting to finish line . The race will not start if its doesn't reach the minimum players who will place their bet on the NPC . There will be a first , second and third place winner. 1ST PLACE = AMOUNT OF BET X4 [EXAMPLE: 1 F.TOKEN WILL BE 4 F.TOKENS IN RETURN] 2ND PLACE = AMOUNT OF BET X3 [EXAMPLE: 1 F.TOKEN WILL BE 3 F.TOKENS IN RETURN] 3RD PLACE = AMOUNT OF BET X2 [EXAMPLE: 1 F.TOKEN WILL BE 2 F.TOKENS IN RETURN] 4TH , 5TH AND 6TH PLACE LOSE. Players can not bet 2 or more tracks. TEAM #GENESIS RESULT Players can bond and do the trash talks and tease each other in a private room :D Option to risk tokens / Gamblers hobby ( Your lucky if you win and go to the token shop and buy more tokens if you lose :D ) Thank you and I'm looking forward for the GM Team to approve my suggestion. By - Macoy A.K.A The Chainsmoker
  11. this guy has been flooding can you please mute this guy? and send him to jail?
  12. Objective: To add more fun and excitement to players including newbies and to lessen people just AFKing in Fcity and other Cities. Idea: I don't know if this was already suggested in the past but as I have observed, people in fRO, are just either afking in Fcity and other Cities, Farming/MVPing, or PVPing in for_fild01 or pvp rooms(but only beneficial or exciting to well funded players and sometimes does not involve an interaction or teamwork between newbies and veterans). So, to add more fun, excitement, teamwork, practice to players both veteran and newbie, why don't we launch a BATTLE GROUND system? What is a battleground system? Well, please click to this link to know more about it: http://ratemyserver.net/battleground.php Basically, it is like a combination of PVP/WoE/GvG/PartyVersusParty. There will be a waiting room for those who would like to join it and there's a maximum number of players who can join so as to not overcrowd it. The players shall then be grouped into 2 teams and the grouping will be system generated/decided. Upon reaching the minimum numbers required, there shall be a countdown (2 minutes or less) so that more players can join before it would start. The players will then be warped to the BG Arena(depending on what arenas are implemented and what is scheduled). Each arena has it's own goal: some are for pure PVP(those who first reach a minimum number of kills in total for the team wins), some are like the WoE castles where you have to destroy the Emp of the defending team, and a case where both teams have their own Emp to defend(The EMPs have a fixed amount of HP and be damages with 1 HP per hit fixed, not withstanding element or weapon used). However, there shall be a maximum amount of time for each BG to be finished(5 minutes or 10, it depends). Of course, in all of these, there shall be PvP so having a strategy with your team has its benefits. This will be a round the clock system and will turn on when the amount of players in the waiting room exceeds a certain amount(e.g. 10) with intervals of maybe 5 minutes or less per BG. Rewards: Well, this depends on the GMs on what they think will give the most balanced result. -Bravery Badge/Valor Badge/BG Points -this will be given to all players after every BG, twice the amount is given to the winning team, (eg. 4 to the winners 1 or 2 to the losers). The badges can be exchanged to either BG exclusive items(BG Poison Bottle, BG Ygg berries, BG FCP, BG Cursed water, etc.), COnsumable items(Ygg Tix, FCP tix, prices should be high enough so as to not get those farmers for these items be left out), BG exclusive set ( BG ABC whatever), Headgears(Ship Hat etc at the right price), or whichever is balanced. The items can be class bound(non tradeable, storeable, droppable etc) - BG Tokens (non tradeable or tradeable depending on the balancing)(storeable or non storeable) same usage with Bravery Badge. - Fame Points ( to enhance the effects of Fking sets or whatever) - any other alternatives, the main objective of BG is to give the players some excitement. Benefits: First, this will be a nice venue for players to practice their skills in PvP/WoE/Teamwork and determinte their strengths and weaknesses instead of just AFKing somewhere. This will also be a great chance for people to find new friends, share ideas, and maybe find a good guild for them. Also, this is another way of collecting items instead of just farming/or voting/ staying online/ whatever. Lastly, this would encourage all the players and lure new players into the server because of the excitement, fun, and rewards it gives. Additional Mechanics: Either there shall not be more than a certain amount of number for a certain class(e.g. 8 snipers) and/or Dual Log-in is not allowed in the BG room and/or Players who do not move for more than 10 secons(?) are automatically kicked out from the room. Team: All the players in FRO may it be a newbie of a veteran or whatever character you are in. Result: Players will have a new venue for fun and teamwork and a venue to acquire items. Some mechanics may become abused but can always be edited/prevented in the long run. At least, fun is alive! This is not a complete suggestion. You can add more in the comments. You may also change some ideas. or you could create a new idea by yourself. All I want is to give players a venue for fun. Veterans to not get bored and Newbies to acquire knowledge and items. Thank you!
  13. Thana room does not need a lot of changes but it would help the players and also i think it would help the server if we could resolve the issue with only a few players being the only ones getting into the room.The only way i see this issue being resolved is changing the cool down period after you enter the room. A 6 hour cool down would allow more people a chance to enter the room and hopefully help the server. Being a new player it isnt easy farming for equips and cards but it is possible but for the ones who cannot donate for items it is very hard to get equipment to compete with the more experienced players who has complete sets. I believe that is why a lot of new players are complaining so much i mean a EMP selling for 40k tokens how is a non donater going to ever afford something like that without being able to enter the Thana room to farm the one card that will help build their equipment. I would like to see some kind of change so we can get some stronger players and balance out the server again. We have one Guild that runs this server and without players being able to get proper equipment it will stay that way. Thanks hopefully this helps a little
  14. can we make a NPC Weapon Trader? (example) i have Proff Highness+toks or Zeny and i can Trade it to Voluspa, because right now its so hard to Trade in Items more of the player Selling in Sets (ring+weapon), thats why i suggest this. Thanks and more power. <3
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BELOVED [GM]Genesis aka Jorge Delgado! Thanks for all the help and keeping the server alive given the hectic work schedules you have! FRO FAMILY ROCKS!
  16. y im not getting my donate item....im already pay over donate...with amazon...i check my bank..my money less than before...it mean donate already take my money...so right now...i dont get any single item im donate it...please help me GM to get my donate item....huhuhu:( please resolve my problem
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