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Found 4 results

  1. Kirin

    B>Cursed Ring Sin X

    B>Assassin Ring Of Damned + O.Dex + Loki's Dagger Leave Offer And IGN *Ps PLSS DONT LEAVE OP OFFER
  2. Why isn't there a Valkyrie Katar weapon? And why is the Legendary Assassin cross Katar weak as compared with other legendary weapons? Will the Forsaken RO admin add one in the future or improve the capabilities of the Legendary Katar? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys! I turned into Assassin Cross but the skills won't show up. Th skills of a regular Assassin did show up, but those of the Cross didn't. Plz help!
  4. Hi Guys! :) I just want to share my thought, how about having the sniper weapons back to a 2-hand weapon? because literally, you can't use a bow with just one hand (unless your f****n gifted) because its a bit imbalance to think that its a 1 hand weapon. On the other side of the coin, if you don't want to make sniper bow a 2-handed weapon then make the katar type weapons 1-handed weapon too :) WHAT DO YOU THINK? :th_ok: Feel free to share your input and stand on this.
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