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Found 11 results

  1. Pretty self-explanatory. Rules: No backspacing No cheating As I am the first poster, I'll go first with my own username: Amicable: am kioc vszab hl,der ;-; So difficult!
  2. Hello, I know you probably see these posts a lot, but I wanted to report that I am currently not able to start the game, as the moment i launch it, it opens the anti cheat shield, and then crashes (when set to fullscreen) and this tiny bar sized windowed. oddly enough I am also unable to change the resolution or anything, I am really unsure of what to do, so any help would be appreciated! Also, I have tried redownloading the entire game from scratch, and repatching it EDIT: okay so if anyone is having a similar issue to this, I fixed it by changing the file path that the game was downloaded to, weird, but it worked!
  3. Me and a few other players (Cirrus, Kyle, Ron and Hikarii) have created a new game on fRO. So here we are, in hoping, other players get the chance to play with us. The game goes like this. For example: You start with... BACK IN MY DAY! I DID NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF MVP CARDS. (This part can be any experience you first had/met/known when you first play ForsakenRO or any other older Ragnarok Online servers) The next person will continue like this... BACK IN MY DAY! I GOT SO LAZY GETTING TO JOB 50 I KILLED HODES AND CHANGED JOB AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. (credited to Cirrus) And so forth.. SO without further a do, I will start the game first! BACK IN MY DAY! I DID NOT KNOW THAT YOU NEEDED 150 DEX IN TOTAL TO INSTANT CAST SKILLS LOL
  4. U GUYS MITO IS BORED SO LISTEN UP!!! :B So there is this game i used to play with my Mom~ We played it every where! Its called Shiritori..or Word Chain. Original Rules Two or more people take turns to play. Only nouns are permitted. A player who plays a word ending in the mora N (ん) loses the game, as no Japanese word begins with that character. Words may not be repeated. Phrases connected by no (の) are permitted, but only in those cases where the phrase is sufficiently fossilized to be considered a "word". Example: sakura (さくら) → rajio (ラジオ) → onigiri (おにぎり) → risu (りす) → sumou (すもう) → udon (うどん) The player who used the word udon lost this game. There are various optional and advanced rules, which must be agreed on before the game begins. MY Rules: The first person starts with a word of Choice..for example 1. Dinne(r ) This word ends with a "R" So the next person will start his/her word of choice with that last letter 2. Roc(k) 3. Kaya(k) ETC. We could use the japanese rules or different subjects..or topics BUT let's not make it complicated! LOL Keep it FUN and simple ^__^ and us ur imagination!! Oh~and... This is where i play Shiritori! http://www.shiritori.org/ it's in japanese...so a good practice if ur learning ^_^ OKAY~ はじめましょう ! LET'S START ! Shiritor(i)
  5. I post a word, Then, the next person who post's, has to post something that comes to mind when you read it. & Continue~ (If you don't know what to associate the object/whatever with, then answer these type of Q's to yourself: Where can I use it? Where can I find it? Who uses it? How does it feel, taste, sound, smell?) Ex: 1st person: Bat 2nd person:Baseball Cat. 3rd person: Fluffy. Ice. AND ETC~ So, without further adieu, House.
  6. I think there is something wrong with my ''MASTERSMITH CARD"" Because it doest break the weapon and card of others. why?
  7. I have a Good Suggestion That will make people play more. Gm you should make a "Alternative Job Path" Like on Other RO or Older RO . Cause Last 3 Year when I was Playing RO. There was a Class or Alternative Path Job Change. Like Guilotine Cross, Ministrel , Shadow Chaser ETC. It Would Bring More People To the Server Because of Many Job or Class. :D :D :D
  8. Gm please is there anyway to return my item back? because i accidentally drop my L.k Card and 4x T.G Card While Discarding I know its my fault for having too many different item.
  9. So Game is simple and could be Really REALLY fun!! So What your going to do is Take your post number and Times it by 500 so: Post count= 50x500=$25000 Now Find a car in your price range and post the Picture :)
  10. Mint

    The Story Game

    So yeah, lets make a story!~ After Try not to be rude, kinda a given. Don't include people's names because it just gets mean and messy. Maximum of 4 words per post. & try not to end the story please, try to keep it going, after 1000 posts I'll type it up I'll start <3 There once was a...
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