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Found 45 results

  1. mrboobie

    B > Black EMP

    Buying LTD Black EMP. trading with LTD Majestic Purple EMP + 10,000 toks + Donation Gears to reach your price.
  2. Levis

    Levis' Shop

    Buying: 3x Amadarias Card 1x Sky Blue Imperial Helm 2x Forsaken King's Cloak Gold Fragments (dropped by WoE 2.0 Castle chests) Selling: 1x Prof Highness 1x Voluspa Staff 1x Cursed Professor Ring 1x Majestic Purple Emperium Aurora +10 Black Cat Ears Trading: +10 Black Cat Ears Majestic Purple Emperium Aurora TO 9 GvG Tokens Sniper Blessed Ring + Tokens TO Sniper Cursed Scarf PM me or contact me ingame (IGN: Catalyst).
  3. ecyojkram


  4. SELLING/TRADING: Pally Bless Ring + Odins Avenger = 4500 / Sinx Cursed Slayer Scarf + O.Hels / 3pcs. of any of the ff. aura (ROP, LHZ, Butt aura) TRADING: Sinx Cursed Ring = Sinx Cursed Slayer Scarf IGN: transgression Message me here or PM me during WOE hours
  5. Can I get a price check on Cold Moonlight, please? Also, I am interested in buying if anyone has. Please and thank you.
  6. Buying the following [offer] : Hurricane Fury Orc Lord Card Baphomet Card Kiel Card Ring of Resonance Ring of Flame Lord
  7. buying orange butterfly aura.....comment ur offer or reply thanks
  8. Bio Blessed Set = 4000 Tokens Champ Blessed Set = 4000 Tokens Clown Blessed Set = 4000 Tokens All Fixed. I need all three sets. leave IGN.
  9. The title says it all. Please? :3 Pm me in-game • Eternal Envy •
  10. *EDIT* No longer looking to buy! Thank you! High Priest Blessed Ring: Walking speed +15% Reduce Damage taken from Demihumans by 5% Reduce Vit def by 10% HP +10% SP +10% Matk +20% Increase Healing skills by 15% Int +25 Increase damage done with Holy Light by 15% *EDIT* No longer looking to buy! Thank you!
  11. B> ws set or B> Thors B> AOG B> WS Bless ring B> x3 Kiel x2 FBH S> OrcHero S> LK
  12. B>Full Sniper Curse Set Sniper Curse Ring Sniper SB Freys w/ Ifrit 6.5 PURE Leave Message and IGN
  13. B>Full Sniper Curse Set Sniper Curse Ring Sniper SB Freys w/ Ifrit 6.5 PURE Leave Message and IGN
  14. Ochibi

    B>eof D:

  15. BUYING Sniper Curse Ring [2.3] Red Lhz Aura [1.4] +0 Friggs [1.2] F.Sold [??] SELLING TRADING JUST PM YOUR OFFERS
  16. B>Full Sinx Bless Set [OCrit+OFen] Lokis w/ Ifrit [6.5] FIX PM ME THANKS
  17. mzvlle

    Buying Br Tokens

    Title says it all really. B>Battle Royale Tokens, 250each or Reasonable Offers Drop me a private message here or in-game. I'm usually in the bench by fcity pond. I wouldn't reply to any ridiculously OPed offers or trades.
  18. As the title says... B>Pally Blessed Ring [2.5k] or pmo
  19. Selling: Buying: Refined Deviling Hat Leave your offer here or PM me in game IGN LucianaVerth
  20. Buying a Wrench (from RSX - 0806) for the Elite Bullet Quest
  21. B> Red Sacred Wing or 10 PvP Token. Ready for a little OP. You can leave message here leaving your IGN or just PM me IGN: FerisLynn
  22. kreony

    B> Any Full Set !

    PM ME ! in game name: Offer Up.
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