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Found 9 results

  1. mrboobie

    B > Black EMP

    Buying LTD Black EMP. trading with LTD Majestic Purple EMP + 10,000 toks + Donation Gears to reach your price.
  2. for Magical Leopard Hat or Magical Pirate Hat
  3. post offers below. will trade black dragon helm + 700 tokens for Magical Leopard Hat
  4. I downloaded the All in One Client, and then the All in One Client Patch. I then tried multiple compatibility modes, as well as tried different video options including my GPU, and Directx Options on the Setup.exe. But this seems to be my problem. Currently running as administrator as well. I went around on multiple maps and just took random screen shots of places that have problems. Not every map seems to have problems. I noticed it when visiting Forsaken City first, with the black squares. But also have either scaling issues as the textures have large gaps between them on the walls in Sphinx, as well as some interiors, and towns. I know this likely has to be client side. As, well I have another install of Ragnarok Online for another server in a different location , and it has no issues what so ever like this.
  5. Hi, I am looking for: RED/PINK/BLACK/MAJESTIC PURPLE SACRED WINGS. demand price: In between 600 ~ 1200. please let me know. Thank you.
  6. Selling or trading Black LHZ = 1.5k Black LHZ + TOKS (please offer) = URDS clean! PM IGN Veruna // comment below. Thank you
  7. +0 BaseBall Hat +0 Wind Mile stone +0 Cat Ears +0 Dragon Helm +0 Devi HP +10 Kitty Ears +10 Wanderer's Sakkat IGN: - AeweLL - NO OFFER,NO REPLY NO LOW BALLER PLEASE
  8. Currently looking forward to sell: Black Angel of Ghost Mask = 1600 Red Sacred Wing = 900 Azure Royal Angel Wing = 900 Master Forsaken Soldier = 110 ea Been trying to acquire Blessed Ninja Ring of Divine Tyr's Shuriken Drop me a message here Ingame ƒins ƒ=alt + 0131 Skype dustingalvez
  9. Buying +0 Black Dragon Helm +10 Black Dragon Helm Black Sacred Wings PM me in game: David Copperfield / Tarot / Acid
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