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Found 33 results

  1. I have a question... as far as we know, we can make rings in donate or non-donate mode... we all know what happens when we choose donate mode, but what about non-donate?? will it have the same effects? will it have a "non-donate sinx blessed ring" name on it?? just curious
  2. Ok ok, this is a real newbie question. ._. Finally I reached 255 lv, i've almost reply to the king's question and now I need to find the Legendary Castle. I read on the wiki that it's located on the top of Fcity, just go on 25 and go on the top of the map. Well, I searched everywhere, but i can't really find this location. Can someone help me to find it (coordinates, screen, accurate description, everything it's ok), please? Thanks :)
  3. Hi, I'm stuck in the part where you have to find the thief. I've seen him many, many times, but he just snickers and disappears. The first time he did that I went back to the knight but nothing happened. Do I need to actually have a conversation with the thief? And yes, i already had the items when i went back to the knight Thank you.
  4. noob question here :) what does "immunity to freeze all stats" mean? its written in the forsaken knight items. TNX!
  5. Is frigg's quest still available? If so, does the nine realm guide has anything to do about it? If not, can anyone tell me whre to start. Please ! TT___TT i'm begging . . .
  6. My suggestion is someone who worked in the wiki department to complete all the elite quests / other quests that is suppose to be in the wiki. I was walking around Fcity and someone ask me where is the Elder, How to do the quests, What is the prize for doing elite quests, etc. I barely know all of this answers since i didn't do elite quests. There's a few quests missing, like the Sinx elite quests, HW elite quests, Star Gladiator elite quests, etc. I just hope they could be added soon. :) P.s : Sorry if i put this in the wrong section, not sure if i should put it in the support section or the suggestion section. ><
  7. coffee break

    Guild Quest

    How about a guild quest? We could adopt the concept of godly items quest:Fallacious Okolnir. We could also enable pvp there. Its like a guild competition. This quest is limited. We need to register before having this quest. Any idea, comments? Thanks =D.
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