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  1. Just looking at you and staring at you makes my heart bounce! We encounter lots of challenges specially our families is against on our wedding. And at last we already reach our dream wedding beside the beach! No other people, no priest, no visitors, no family, just YOU and ME! I can't promise you a pretty house,pretty jewelries! But i can promise you one thing! A LIFE THAT FULL OF LOVE! HAPPY WEDDING MY BELOVED WIFE!
  3. Hi this is sdads, this is a short message from me as a frontliner in real life. -STREET CHILDREN/PEOPLE DESERVED TO BE TREATED TOO! ❤️ STAY AT HOME! DRINK VITAMINS! EAT HEALTHY FOODS! ALWAYS BE CLEAN! HELP EACH OTHER!
  4. Cheescake. here sharing about my past. I'm here in our favorite room! Remembering how happy we are, remembering our hugs and kisses, remembering how we make love and filling this room with our moan. Now you're gone, you're with another man. I hope someone can help me saving from my self being drown. Crying is a way your eyes speak when your mouth can’t explain how broken your heart is. ❤️ But I'm still looking forward that we are going to be happy even tho in arms of another.
  5. BasuraStrike here and i just to greet ya'll a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So here i am feels A NEW CHAPTER by getting fresh air and and letting my bad memories wash away by the fresh air and with this beautiful nature. So i hope this year, more POWER to the the administration team! I'm Also looking forward to see more new players for this game. THATS ALL AND THANKYOU!! BOW!!
  6. I'm Basura Strike, and now I'm here at my favorite spot at my favorite place since 2013 reminiscing how lively this place before, and remembering all of my friends doing pvping here and exploring our skills and talents
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