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  1. sadly most of the links in the forums no longer work. Not sure what has happened whether they had a forum name change or something and it's messed the links up or something I'm not sure. I'm in the same boat as you though trying to find out things but links are broken so you have to either go to the respective class part of forums and just look through everything till you find a name match. Sucks but it's what I've been doing EDIT: I've just figured it out lol Example Link: HW Non-Donor Surviving at lhz_dun03 http://forsaken-ro.net/forum/topic/26546-high-wizard-non-donor-surviving-at-lhz-dun03-map/ change it to http://forum.forsaken-ro.net/topic/26546-high-wizard-non-donor-surviving-at-lhz-dun03-map/
  2. Sykotek

    100m gone?

    I'm on currently. although it's 12am (NZ. GMT+13) lol usually on most of the time really lol just catching these notifications is the problem haha
  3. Sykotek

    100m gone?

    lmao. thanks. I only just saw the notification about it now
  4. Could also try farming lucius's fierce armor of volcano from firering or gold from am mut(gld_dun01) but yeah sell everything on a merchant with overpriced
  5. Sykotek

    100m gone?

    So I finished the legendary weapon quest part where you give out the 40m and get the 100m back. I got the 100m and so I went to continue with the next part. Everything was fine and it was late so I decided to call it a night. I log back in this morning and my money is gone? Not quite sure what to do? I checked my bank to see if I may of changed it to a coin but there was nothing
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