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  1. I can still remember how i danced in our hallway when i got my very first thanatos card. Now i got a couple, but this was the place. And this is the place i'd still hang out given the chance.
  2. Where can i hunt this? It is showing for_map with @whereis command, but i don't know how to get there. Thanks.
  3. Hooraayy for SL users!! Hahaha. I think i've meet you somewhere, probly at go13. You gave me some few tips about SL, i don't know if you remember XD. With regards to the suggestion, ye i think all those three would be a bit op. I'd also go for 2 & 3.
  4. Hi, I was doing some stave crasher damage testing the other day and one guy told me, "why don't you get cursed wiz rune?". Oh, i wish. I'm a soul linker, so that won't work. So i'm here suggesting if it's possible for u guys to create a Cursed Soul Linker rune. Suggested stats: 1. Int +5, HP+5% (similar to int rune) 2. Cold, fire, lightning bolts damage + 10%~20% maybe? Don't make it higher than imp/siroma. 3. Stave crasher damage + 15%~25% maybe? Don't make it higher than wiz/prof runes. I don't know if all these 3 buffs are too much to ask, i think #1 & #3 is fine, or #1 and #2. It's all under the dev's discretion. Thanks.
  5. Wow, this would be great great help!! Been so busy this past week with work and other stuff. Can't wait to play again and try thiss.
  6. I tried once alone and died on the second wave i think. XD. The map is huge and i was lost wandering around the map, not knowing where to go. Hahaha.
  7. I don't know much about raids yet, but i'm trying to learn them. And this shield seems better than having vote king shield or upgrading my own frigg's. Valkyrja's shield seems fine but i'd love to have a specific shield just for raiding.
  8. Cool!! Thank you sir for the tips. But i think my pc can't handle several clients at a time. It's lagging when 3-4 clients are open. Sad T_T. So to sum up: Some killers with ghost element (i think soul linker will rek bijou hard. haha). A land pro & fcp. A pd for tanking(?)
  9. Is it possible to solo blackwitch raid? Anyone can give some tips? Thanks.
  10. Hello I'm a ph player but i'm residing outside Philippines. I want to donate through BDO and i want to clarify if it's fine doing the transaction at a money remittance center at the ground floor of my flat. I normally send money to my brother's bdo bank account (in ph) directly from the remittance center. I wonder if i can do just the same to donate through bdo. Thanks.
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