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  1. 1. Wizards were unkillable before the redux nerf. Even right now they're still tanky. 2. There are more imaginative ways to play a Wizard character than just Napalm Vulcan. 3. Gunslingers do have a lot of damage but they're also very VERY vulnerable, without a Paladin they die in mere seconds. 4. In a 1 vs 1 against a Ninja there are creative ways to counter it. You'll just have to be creative enough and experiment with it to find out. 5. Tarot isn't just about the "Death" card which can be countered by Golden Thief Bug it also has other cards as well that are very useful. (Tip: Read the whole tarot skill and figure out why it's deadly) 6. Regarding Musical Strike, I think the cast is OP not the damage.
  2. 1. First and Foremost, which 3 words would you use to describe yourself? (Not physically speakin' of course) -Loyal, Fun (tends to be a bit childish), and Positive. 2. Can you tell us a little about yer favourite hobbies outside of Ragnarok? -Watching TV Series and Anime, reading manga, WATCHING CARTOONS! 3. A question that every interviewer would have to ask. When did you first play RO and what made you start? -Okay this is blurry cuz I haven't been keeping track but I'd say since 2008? or would probably be 2009? Somewhere around there. Me and my friends would play RO after school. 4. What is it that drives you as a GM and keeps you doing the job you've all been doin' so well? Also, how did you become a GM in the first place. -For the players. Make them have fun with events and help with the updates as much as I can. Also, to help them in whatever way I can possibly do. 5. Since music is obviously awesome, what do you enjoy listenin' to and is there a situation where you would listen to one sort o' music rather than other? -Mostly mellow ones. I like a lil' upbeat music too, it actually depends on the mood, but yeah from time to time I like music that makes you jump. 6. The most important question of 'em all. What's yer favourite type of alcohol, and if ye don't drink alcohol *cough, shame, cough* what is yer favourite beverage? -MILK! (Will always be milk!) 7. If ye could be an animal (in this life or the next) which animal would that be? Bishop please don't be sayin' cat or kitten I'm just not buyin' it! -A Snow Owl. (It's my patronus) 8. D'ye happen to have a pet (not in RO of course)? If you do, what is it and how did you name it? (If I had a cat I'd surely call him Sir Fancy Pants the First) -I did had birds before. Sadly, I did not name any of them. 9. What are yer favourite movies and/or TV shows. Yes.. yes.. Animes do freakin' count /pif -Sherlock Holmes (Obviously), Supernatural, Once Upon A Time, 2 Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Naruto, Shokugeki no Soma, Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, Keijo (Hip Whip Girl), Steven Universe, Kim Possible, and, a bunch of disney/nickelodeon/pixar/etc. and animes (trust me it's a very long list). Now for the juicy Questions 10. For the sake o' gossip, are ye a single? -As of the moment, no. 11. That's a tough one, have ye ever broken the law!? Don't be worryin' matey I'm not one to judge, breakin' the law is part of a pirate's daily routine anyway. -Never have I ever. (And not planning to, don't want to go to jail) 12. What kind o' student were ye in school? Were ye the good & quiet type, the rebel, the geek... C'mon just tell us. -Good and geeky type. 13. Have ye ever been so drunk/wasted that ye've done something embarrassing? If yes, what is it ye've done? -I don't drink. 14. Do you have one dark secret that you wouldn't mind sharin'? If not... Boooooring. In any case ye can always pass on that one. -I killed a cat once. It was dark and I was frightened by the cat that I kicked it and it fell on some thorny plants in our backyard and was left out in the cold to die. (Is what I'd like to say, but no, we just put him in the fridge to freeze to death) (Again, not true, I don't have any) 15. Who's the GM ye believe would be lookin' the best wearin' a bathing suit? Yup, ye read right. -Artemis, Ebisu, and Dream! 16. And finally!! The last question that I've been burnin' to ask. Would ye dare date a pirate (lad or lass)? Because that's obviously somethin' we've all been askin' ourselves right? -If Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time (a.k.a. Colin O'Donoghue) then sure! Thank you all for yer precious time and let's try to keep the GM Ares's abs talk to a minimum. Sorry for the long post here's a p... Bah screw that! P.S The first GM to answer will be rewarded with a bottle o' rum from my personal stash. Nah I'm lyin' I don't freely share my rum with the authorities, though I'm open to bribery or any other illegal activities that may result in an increase of my current wealth.
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