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  1. If you want to MVP boss hunt, I suggest that you make a Sniper, Champ, Creator, or Soul Linker. It will make your hunt harder if you use LK.
  2. Welcome to the server. Have a great time. Enjoy
  3. RockBardz

    B> Bio DA

    B> Weapon exchange voucher
  4. RockBardz

    B> Bio DA

    still buying....
  5. yeah that will be a good one, however, it may affect the rarity of the rainbow emp auras design so i guess it will be a miracle if that will happen.hahaha
  6. Seen a lot of cool aura from other site, Having a monthly aura would be nice. I would definitely purchase if SPA variant stats or if you purchase all colors you can quest it as a rainbow color aura hahaha
  7. RockBardz

    B> Bio DA

    Buying Bio DA
  8. S>Gloom[65] TG[30] FBH[30] TGK[40] Kiel[40] IFRIT[50] tanee[35] OL[20] OH[20] phree[15] inca[25] LOD[50] VR[45] GR[20] F.Soldier[200] F.Raider[45] GTB[25] Bapho[5] Boss Egnigem[35] Atroce[40] || EOF[200] +0 Friggs[700] L.Crit Blade[40] SinX Runes[150]Sniper Runes[150] GS B Scarf Set[3.5K] Champ B Set[3.5K]
  9. RockBardz

    B> Ninja B Set

    I'm still buying Ninja B Set any variant. Message me here or in Discord. IGN: RockBardzz
  10. Just a little thicker will be perfect for me. :)
  11. MVP Card Forsaken Token Price Inca 20 Orc Lord 20 Orc Hero 20 Valkyrie Randgris 55 Turtle General 35 Tao Gunka 40 Kiel D-01 40 GTB 25 FBH 40 F.RAIDER 45 HWC 110 SINX 120 IFRIT 60 Gloom Under Night 65 TANEE 35 AMAD 40 Dwiz 15 Dwar/Skoll 10 Beelzebub 55 Atroce 15 Maya Purple 5 Maya 15 GR 20 LK, MS, HP 50 Angeling 5 Amon Ra 5 Baphomet 5 Detale 5 Deviling 20 Drake 5 Eddga 5 RSX-0806 15
  12. S/T> Gun Slinger B Scarf Set [3.5K] [LBO]
  13. You're welcome. I will make an update price list for all MVP cards soon..
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