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  1. Working with what i had on the test server, in a party of 5 people with cursed ring i was doing 22k and solo was doing 17k on blessed ring i was doing about 25k with all kicks solo.
  2. I see no issues with the current damage, watching the events since the change i'm not seeing TK's struggle with survivability or DPS output. And along with qperteplex I saw TK's still being able to one shot lower hp classes like sniper,sinx and even redux chars, granted I don't know what gear they were wearing but i doubt everyone was wearing improper equips.
  3. Ares already stated why he doesn't make a post with every little change on the rings, and as for people complaining about the TK dmg being changed I cant help but take it that people just want there class to be "OP" you can't honestly tell me the damage before is fair at all. I've seen paladins die instantly before they can even react and they have between 750-800khp, imagine how say the less tankier classes feel who have between 250-350k. As for the ranker list nobody forced him to get #1 on the list, there's no difference from rank #1 to #10 and certainly nobody told him to be almost over 100 points above #2.
  4. Yes I know I was just saying that's what it was originally at when the damage was at its highest.
  5. I as well thought the TK class was very strong, being a ranker does take some time yes, but not impossible. Being able to spam infinite kicks doing 210k (as you stated) seems pretty high dmg to me I don't know any other class that can output that kind of damage infinitely. Now before the kicks were doing Heel Drop 800% Roundhouse kick 500% Counter kick 430% Tornado kick 1000% (on cursed) this damage was also being stacked with Fighting Chant (Skill ID# 424, iRO Name: Kihop) It increases your ATK (2*SkillLV)% per party member on the same map. For example, if there are 10 party members, and you have LV 5 in this skill, your ATK is increased by 100%. party is capped at 32 or 36 people per party if I remember correctly so they are getting another extra 320 or 360% in big events like WoE and GvG making the damage even higher and impossible to tank
  6. Third job classes are not playable, but you can add a different patch to put the sprites on.
  7. I believe the spam is faster because the damage is much less, if it does half the damage but spams twice as fast then its about the same as just using the freyr's blade.
  8. I'm love the new weapons! Good job Ares!

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