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  1. Temporarily free from the shackles of school obligations ; )

  2. how does 9 cell spalsh works?

    1. niemono89


      Balpho awesomeness :3

      But its on physical attack only :o

    2. niemono89


      The melee/ranged attack will splash 9 cells around players (try lure some agro mobs near to u :3)

  3. Hear ye, Hear ye This hard working peasant *Ahem* i mean farmer is selling valuable or rather pointless stuff if you're rather interested on purchasing even one merchandise PM - Antelope, a self proclaimed farm master who makes zero profit out of anything. Today's Special Daily Haul - Vesper card [25] normally i'd charge this card for 35 but since i stole the kill from a noob and its guilt tripping me Hero Remains x7 [65] would you like to buy it at its original price which is 70? Cloud Essence [3] idk if this is still valuable but i collected a bunch of it idk y... Damp of Darkness [3] no discription were made Antelope the Desperate Odd job taker notice I charge 10 toks for each item you want me to collect not that i'm desperate or anything 5 toks for leeching or if you beg really hard i might get annoyed and let you leech for free I won't always be online so why did i even bother post this odd job notice....
  4. how are you ? ^ ^

    1. acobi24


      doing great, recently got back to playing fRO

  5. It's been a year! Yay? I'll cut to the chase... I've been away for a long time and lost all my knowledge about the game Help a guy out to recover from sudden lost of brain cells in fRO By far the worst thing i did was sell Skel card for 100m and collected a bunch weapons to sell
  6. Well, haven't been on since i'm pretty busy with school stuff. but..... i didn't forget to vote everday so yay! 522 vote points :D

    1. kyoshiro029


      Good for you..... cant vote everyday....someone keeps stealing my vote

  7. My body is ready for WoE ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. sarahpanda


      uuuuuuuuuuuu >:3

  8. Aww, yis! Digimon tri is almost out. yeaah boy!

  9. Man, my first woe was a disaster i missed 2 raids cause of panic :l

  10. Activity tok? more like afk tok, get it? :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aerofox


      overused joke #69

    3. acobi24


      I better come up with more original puns :D

    4. kyoshiro029


      Ba dum tsss....

      You forgot the sound fx..... xD

  11. Believing in your scrub teammate is stupid.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. acobi24


      I believed in them once... terrible result and outcome

    3. Roxas


      Brazilians have let me down in league too many times

    4. Aerofox


      gibe money please

      i report u




      - brazilkaizer/huehuekaiser

  12. Lately i got tired of playing support. Buy wards there, heal them here, deaths everywhere. And what's my reward for doing all those things..... Nothing, just a bitter streak of 10 Defeat Usually i'm 50/50 with carries since i was like, " Hey! i'm carrying. Trust me, i got this :D" 30 mins later the entire teams dream crushed to bits. Totally my fault tbh ( i know, i know, i suck at carrying no hate comments) After that I went to tanking. Oh boy, i loved tanking a little since i'm a decent Darius at LoL and it's pretty much fun when your enemies can't even dent your HP and they're running for their lives knowing you're unstoppable My recently played role is INITIATOR! Screw the smart asses planning for team fight, I'll lead you to victory.... or maybe an awful demise and crushing defeat, but heck! our clash will be Legendary! No more waiting for that one scrub on a 5v5 team fight he'll or she'll be just annihilated quickly. It's either they'll wipe out our team or we'll wipe out and dance on their graves! The thrill of knowing if your enemies were prepared to die or they we're well prepared to kill and wipe you all out is just freakin fantastic. And if you manage to live from a clash like that, You'll feel pretty badass and pro.... Mostly pro. I'll be honest here i haven't played LoL for 6 months and i pretty much forgot my acc...... Plus, i only play on my free time i've been doing a lot of acitvities lately.
  13. Say Good Bye to your Dearest Friend in Rank Match

    1. Aerofox


      And that's why I do solo queue.

    2. acobi24


      My friend was a terrible carry, i had to cut my ties with him

    3. Sumblime
  14. Finally! back after an enjoyable week outside

  15. Well, since Satan Morroc drops a pretty cool helm (which i have) Making him drop a bloody branch for 2% would be a little bit nice, since his an awesome and tough Boss to kill after all. This will also make him a little bit useful to hunt and people will somehow stop complaining about him just dropping armors and stuff that are pretty much useless to them, i think. And people often say buying it with etokens will be much more easier and safer, i think. Also winning an event isn't easy as you think even if you put all of your stat points on LUK (pun intended, please laugh) Bye, have a good time commenting :)
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