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  1. vossen ur a hater and ur trash

  2. Who care the items are trash anyways lol
  3. 8ball

    TK rank

    why did i keep occasionally stuck at 0% even if i switch mobs.
  4. I paid a ton of money for this because it said "only to be obtain in forsaken lootboxes" in the description, but now its available in BG. I'm all for the ice emp as a prize, but not the original color blue to be the prize. Suggesting to take blue ice emp prize out.
  5. I still don't understand why the f katar is better then kitty. Maybe that need to be change or make the effect exactly like the f katar. The most you can spam with kitty is 2 and with f katar I'd say about 4, and the damage is on par with each other. The damage is fine, but it's impossible to use it on certain class without dieing instantly, now that every class got this OP boost. I suggest to add a little more defense to the weapon.
  6. It was a strong spell ON LINK, but not OP and very easy to dispel. If SB SinX didn't have link, it can be compared to AV, but with a shield. But the thing about AV is Gypys/clown can force the person to use gtb, with tarot. We're very easy to kill, so I don't see a problem. Don't you think that's more OP? But then again you guys have no control of modifying skills and such. There are many ways to counter a burst damage SinX. For example Orc Lord, works very well if you just randomly switch between fights. Yea there damage is good, but don't you think they're also taking in a massive amount of damage, if not more because of us not having a shield? And I highly doubt you see any kind of SB SinX killing anybody, unless they're under geared players, but if we are talking about 2 geared players fighting it out hahah good luck trying to kill with a kitty Claw. I'll break my fingers before that happens. I'm telling you guys now, kitty claw is USELESS! I'm not saying it, cause I play it, but it really is useless. I prefer F katar over it. I haven't seen a SB sinX ever since the nerf. Occasionally a few, but its extremely rare. Isn't that telling you guys something? Why are you trying to match the spam with legit? isn't this a custom server? Or are you just trying to categorize the legit vs the hackers, so you know who hacking and who's not?
  7. 2. I don't know where you're getting these numbers from but I just tested Kitty and F katar and they're almost the same damage, give or take. I'm actually only using the f katar right now, since the spam is ALOT more better. The f katar allows me to spam 4 consistently, but the damage is not good enough to kill anything. I can spam 3-4 without link on a f katar, and 4 consistently on link. Kitty claw on the other hand, the most i can spam is 2 SB and saying its "Burst" is LOL. Its basically like a weak double strafe with shitty spam. I'm also a hybrid SinX and I don't rely mainly on SB, but with the current spam rate is just ridiculous. I could say that F katar is BETTER then kitty claw..which is really retarded considering its a donation item. I tested on my friend who is full gear and i manage to pump out about 8400 damage each hit with link bless and falcon eyes, and my str is like 300. For f katar on the other hand around 8200 and thats with the same buffs ( take note that these buff can be easily dispel). 3. Well from experience the norm damage from a GS is about 70k on my Sinx and imagine if i didn't have a shield, you do the math. The thing about sniper is, there damage is consistent so its easy to predict when to spam seeds, on the other had GS has Desperado, which i consider to be a burst damage (best of both worlds). Way stronger then all the range classes i fought from experience. Just Imagine if i take off my shield trying to SB, which is one of the biggest negative as i mention above. The negative out ways the positive so much. To achieve damage you sacrifice defense, which is the only class to do that, and its a massive amount of defense. 4. Yea.. I agree with you also, but each individual damage, by far play the biggest role and I don't see that happening and considering I can only spam 2 sb max.
  8. Hello guys! I would like to suggest this 1 more time ,since its always rejected. So please hear me out! My in game character is Vossen and I'm sure some of you seen me around in for field Pvping since that's all i do. As you all know the item was nerf in 2016 I believe. I was pvping in for field and was accuse of hacking by some pinoy dude who had a video posted online. He Keeps saying i was doing 5 and 6 sb, but really it was only 4 consistently. 5 and 6 is possible ,but extremely hard to do unless you have some crazy ping. I was later approach by genesis warning me to stop whatever i was doing. NEXT DAY THE KITTY WAS NERF!! THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO FIX A HACKING PROBLEM BY NERFING IT BECAUSE YOU CANT DETERMINE A HACKER FROM A NON HACKER. The person will hack regardless of class. I mean the item been out for year's and no complaint from all the time that I've been playing, but just a couple months back they decided to give it a nerf. If you wanna see the video, just go on youtube and search Forsaken Ro Vossen and its the first video that pops up. Now my suggestion is to make the kitty claw how it was originally. Yes sb is strong, but having no shield out ways EVERYTHING! and link is so god dam easy to counter. I'm like the only person who plays sinx, so it seems. You already gave Snipers and Gunslinger shields. Don't forget that MASSIVE GS boost, which i find extremely OP, but what can i do. Lets bring SinX back to its glory days, because dagger SinX is so god dam boring!!! I wanna hear from the people who use to play SinX and not just some random noob who who -1 everything. Give me a valid point on why the item should stay how it is.
  9. thanks boss it worked
  10. screen pops up but its like extremely small it just show the bar and thats it. the setup is like blank and full screen doesnt work
  11. wtf you wanna upgrade DS? i already get rocked on my Sinx -1 and some people cast the spell at 195 ASPD you CRAZYY
  12. i need help too.. i re downloaded the whole thing and it still doesnt work. when i try to open it and nothing pops up. the setup doesnt show any resolution and i tried dragging the setup out and still nothing
  13. I've main sinx for the 6 years and still main the class till this day. I wouldn't agree on making kitty 1 handed which is retarded, but i will agree on making the cast how it was back then. We are the only class that losses a shield, which is a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE disadvantage. sonic blow is what define the class and made it fun. you guys already made the range classes 1 handed and now you wanna ruin a perfectly good balance class and make there cast shit? Oh and don't get me started with the gunslinger. I don't know where you guys are getting these ideas but the sinx sonic blow class was perfectly fine for all the 6 years that I've been playing the class, but ever since i was approach by the gm and him giving me a warning to stop using hack, which i told him i wasn't and even showed him the video the guy posted to count the sb carefully the skill was nerf the next day. nerfing a spell that doesnt need nerfing doesn't fix the problem, because people are going to use hacks regardless..I really hope you guys change the sb back.
  14. Yea but when it comes from a gm it's just LOL but w.e idc. Just a suggestion
  15. put a animation when using seed like yggdrasil so no need noobs mistake others for hacking thank you!
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