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  1. I see.. I think if it's a test item it should be a character [GM] that wears it not normal players. Anyways, genesis will give the starting NPC whenever new quest arrives. Thanks for the info tho.
  2. Anyone knows the NPC Location of Rainbow Ice Emperium QUEST? I see someone wearing it in game, and there was no mention in the changed log that it is included in the mystery box. So I am assuming it is a quest item?
  3. Is there an NPC Quest for RAINBOW ICE EMP? I see someone wearing it, so I am assuming there is an NPC for it.

  4. Again... no GM online when they need them :(

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    2. lowel2


      Sure, I would be willing to pay tokens if they can help me whenever I want. I am not boasting here, I just need event GMs if possible. :)

      Tokens are not a problem here. 

    3. dlsmizel


      @faksimili99 I don't think it's appropriate for you to answer like. He just wanted help from GM, which is what GMs are signed up to do. I also don't agree that players should pay GMs tokens as well.

    4. faksimili99


      My joke has gone too far. Sorry, it is just I am seeing this kind of comment everyday makes me boiling up.


  6. +1 You don't even know who killed you unless you look at the chat box, and see the WS's name. The damage of this WS G Ring is higher than the ORIGINAL Napalm Vulcan by a HW.
  7. Enjoyed reading this. Great adventure! I used to farm a lot like you, so I know what you feel when you got your first card (got mine on the 300+ try tho). Lesson here is: grind like a mad dog, and live like a lion king(who still hunts his food lol).
  8. @Eveleena, Hello there! Hope you are having a great day, because if not, I'll show you how to fix this. At In-game, just follow these simple steps: 1. ALT+D (Arrange Detail Window will appear). 2. Max the Sprite Resolution Adjustments & Texture Resolution adjustments to the right. 3. Click OK. 4. Enjoy the game! Don't forget to give reviews on ratemyserver.net!
  9. Hi guys... this guide is for the players who just downloaded or old players who have a bugged client like "small icon client". This occurs when you open your client(FkenRO.exe) or open your Patcher and click on Start. The client will only appear as a small icon. To fix this bug you need 2 things. 1. Follow my instructions. 2. Download the "old" Setup.exe on ratemyserver.net or here: http://www.filedropper.com/setup_98 Okay after you download that setup.exe first thing you need to do is: i. Extract it inside RO Folder ii. Delete the other Setup.exe (it has a circle icon/like a gold circle icon). iii. Right click on the Setup.exe you have extracted iv. Click Properties > go to Compatibility Tab > "Tick" the Run as Administrator. Press Apply / Ok. v. Do the iii and iv. step to "FkenRO.exe" then you can play. That's it! You're done! Now just enjoy the game! And don't forget to vote and give review on ratemyserver.net!
  10. As per topic title suggested update would be stats change on Memory of Thanatos card for champion class. Instead of "only" additional increase damage on demi-human by 28%, the card should also include the -30 DEF & -30 FLEE stats.
  11. Fleague 1. Champion - God Fist 2. Lord Knight - Lezim 3. Sniper - Soo Woo 4. Gypsy - iFake 5. Clown - Ely Has A Guitar 6. Alchemist - Full Condom Alchemist 7. Paladin - Greco{V}onster 8. Professor •!^%#!^%@#$!^%@#• ​
  12. Party Name: Forsaken League Party 1. Champion - God Fist 2. Lord Knight - Willyam 3. Sniper - IcanFVCKu 4. Gypsy - dlsmizel_tarot 5. Clown - Ely Has A Guitar 6. Alchemist - Omg! Who Needs Condom? 7. Paladin - Greco{V}onster 8. Professor •!^%#!^%@#$!^%@#•
  13. https://twitter.com/l0welxd/status/579927211412561920 http://twitter.com/l0welxd https://www.facebook.com/l0wel/posts/643202112493197?notif_t=like http://fb.com/l0wel
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