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  1. hello guys just asking but how much is thana card this days?

    1. El7


      hmm like 1.5-2k tokens I think? Thana became so cheap these days.

    2. lllKurolll
  2. what is the current price of thana card? thanks

    1. gunxsword11


      around 2k+ ?? or it went higher ? lmao

  3. Increase Conversation rate of Event tokens to F.Tokens in Event reward Npc and It would be fun if we add more Items that we could actually use for mid to end tier items. We could also add Supplies so that we value e.toks more ingame.
  4. i was just thinking... it might sound noob but Does the 30% Dmg to demi human works on SB? well 2x FBH already gives 100% dmg to demi-human does it stacks? Wouldn't it better if it was 30% dmg to Medium size monster? and about the bless ring.. why does it have int? does it lack sp? or something? why not add sp instead? i know its a defensive class but i think its HP pool is kinda low if you ask me.
  5. i dont know about that. look at this Max HP +15%, Max SP +20%[ Mage Class ] Int +15, Dex +15[ Archer Class ] Dex +15, Agi +15[ Swordsman Class ] Str +15, Agi +15[ Thief Class ] Str +15, Dex +15[ Taekwon Class ] Str +15, Int +15[ Gunslinger Class ] Dex +15, Agi +15[ Ninja Class ] Int +15, Dex +15[ Merchant Class ] Int +15, Dex +15[ Acolyte Class ] Int +15, Agi +15[ + Forsaken Armor, Cloak, and Shoes ] Immunity to freeze, ASPD +2 Swordsman is also = Pally or LK and it works on pally. Thief is a first job like Swordsman so its not clear enough.
  6. Does the 15% hp on minstrel works on Stalker? or not? this might sound silly :D i'm hesitant to buy cause it indicates on thief.
  7. well its okay.. talking about SL Cause. The #1 problem in sets right now is practically SL G.Set number 1 in the list. #2 is the Market. #3 is Those other set #4 probably WS B.set it got replace by Bio mamo sad.
  8. ya, in the first place they shouldn't be releasing some unbalance item yet like the SL G.ring and other set. they are the one who made it. they should have at least make it usable before releasing it. it might seem a rush job just to release new things to fro to make players busy but its a disappointment to see an item gets release unbalance. its disappointing. (no offense to the other people sry just stating some facts) They should atleast make a Trial and error by themselves they have the authority to do so. that way they can see it by themselves. other thing is, it will just look like they enter a bunch of random numbers and percentage on different items. Like the Pally Guardian and Lk Guardian. Pally guardian on the other hand i saw some discussion about it also why does it have int anyway? why do you need it? is it random value? goshhh. on the other hand Soul linker is a support Character, not a Killer type or what so ever. They should have atleast made Sl Guardian to a Support kind of linker like deacrease delay and decreasing cast delay to cast Caupe Kaite and other skill buffs to support a team. or make it autocast skill when attack(like autocast kaupe or something) not just killer. SL was useful in old ro that way back in the days. but this... this is just absurd. I've been to many server and most of them they update their server on weekly basis. its just frustrating ... to the fact that you have those kind of sets but unusable other wise if you want to throw them away and sell it no one wants to buy it cause it sucks and other thing is server lacks toks or those big people monopolizing those them toks. .......................... Market is dead Item is deam goshhh so frustrating.
  9. ya, i miss the old gm's .. Back in the days Gm are so active and caring. . but now.... mehh i don't know. its a waste having useless set in your inventory ... you know what i feel? .. :/
  10. hmmm sir i can't seem to find Tyr in arena_room or do wee need to do the quest in order for us to see it? i only see heimdall there.
  11. +11111 to this. This is a good idea. but, Bro you might want to change the stats on those Aura its kinda op if you ask me. too much. but ltd Middle Hg is a great idea. not really.... its good but i understand your opinion. Emperium is special in its own way. but think about it. You see LTD Imp right? its like That There is also Other LTD Valk expa. so there should be also other LTD Middle HG other than EMP. its kinda disappointing to see All EMP. there should be atleast a variety compare to singularity.
  12. S/T>PallyCurseScarfSet[3k]=+10SinxBlessSet[O.Crit+O.Fenrir]
  13. Where can I find Tyr for bless,curse,guardian is that 1 npc or different npc? is there a Coordinate to enter for it? or do you walk to it? i can't seem to find tyr.
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