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  1. +1 But this suggestion has been made plenty of times before...
  2. Its ironic Ares, just saying that most of the ppl dunno how to play their classes and thats why they cry when they are beaten...
  3. Consider that many ppl here dunno how to play jobs correctly xD
  4. Oh, and im ok too to make a Gs weapon for tracking that requires both hands ^^
  5. Cards that make cast unbreakeable are phen (makes cast time 50% slower) and Bloody Butterfly (makes cast time 30% slower), the thing is to reduce casting time, not to increase it.Glad to ear that you are of that 5% that knows how to play legitly (and yea I know that nearly 95% of ppl dont play legitly). I personaly dont care if this server live or die cause, as I said before, I have quited it do to the autopoting and haxing abuse (like most of the acient players) Im just saying that the real problem in this server is the abuse of cheating. And yes, do to cheat abuse, 300k are still easy seedeable in woes.
  6. K, just wanna say 1 thing; I agree that with instant cast and that spam rate, the skill was OP, but now its just too seedeable. I must remember to all of my dear forsakenRO mates that 95% of ppl in woe use autopot (plus all the other shitty third programs) and that makes you see snipers tanking thana FB's, 1 champ asura's + another 2 snipers (I see many of that kind in every woe, and all of us know that this is real) at the same time. Oh, and dont forget those pallies autoseeding too!. So, if you dont want to make that ring useless, first make cast of tracking unbreakeable (or whatever we call that) cause its gonna be imposible to even cast it in woe. Second, even with that, dmg with thana and full geared (2 x Fbh and ship hat) is of 300k max so, sorry to repeat that but, dmg its too seedeable. So, I think that the best will be to reduce its dmg a bit, make its cast time reduceable again and stop the crying, or just add that ring to the long list of useless gears that we have. And please, for future gear testing, PLEASE CONSIDER THAT NEARLY THE 95% OF PPL PLAYING WOE ARE AUTOPOTING AND HAXIN. Sorry to say that again, but its true, and its the main reason that most of the old good players have quited.
  7. You can equip 2 runes on a pair or shoes? Or only the effect of 1 applies? And where are we supposed to find that sinx MvP thing? Anyways, it was time for a little buff on sinx, thx ^^
  8. Matyr's depends on the amaount of your HP and the cards compunded on your weapon, so; If you wanna make a full matyr reckoning build it will be like a full devotion paladin build so; Status: Str: enough to be able to carry like 500 seeds (not very sure about this though) Agi: enough to reach 195 aspd. Dex: enough to have instant cast so 150 total (with bonus). Vit: this must be your main stat so all remaining status point must go here. Luck: dont need it. Gears: Weapon: best s Odin's Avenger (Donation valk weap but legendary Paladin spear works too) with 2 TG cards and (if Im not mistaken)since Matyr's ignores defense you can add VR card to dispell and fabre card (gives you VIT and more HP)or just 2 fabre cards for more HP. Upper Headgear: Skull hood or another hat that gives you 15% more HP (skull cap, midas whisper, etc) or a regular vote/expa valk hat with 1 Orc Hero and F.Soldier card to avoid stone curse. Middle Headgear: Skull aura, LHZ or ROP`or just a legendary aura with 1 Orc Hero. Lower headgear: Best will be paladin bless ring with 1 Orc Hero. Armor: you will need multiple armor to switch depending on the situation; 1 with GR+Tao, 1 with Tao x 2, 1 with Puppetring+Tao (I have 7 diff combinations of armor to switch xD) Cloak: Same, you must have diferent cobinations to switch; 1 with ray+skoll, 1 with 2 skolls (you can add more just use your imagination. Shield: best is frigg shield but F.King shield will be good to, you need 3 of them; 1 with maya, 1 with GTB and 1 with Usakoring. Boots: F.King boots with 2 FBH Accesories: The best is Asgards with VIT runes but if you cant afford that just use VIT Belts or L.Vit gauntlets. In my opinion that will be the best for full matyr build but, as I always say dont relly on 1 skill only versatility is always the best, If you want to be able to kill ppl with your pally, just make a full battle pally. Hope that will help you ^^
  9. +1 To this but, as Roi said it has to be done in a map with @storage disabled.
  10. So, topic was made 1 month ago and there is no answer from the GM Team?
  11. the only way to increase AD dmg is int, L.Weap/ValkWeap, Cape and Ring.
  12. I dont see whats the problem with the actual dmg on Full Buster, its an easy skill to counter though... I think It will be better to think of nerfing/balance other classes instead of GS but, as always, last word its the one of GM Team...
  13. I think it will be nice to buff this weap for Soul Breaker(Destroyer) purposes, dont you guys think?
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