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  1. my 3rd and final good bye... many thanks fro...
  2. goodbye fro and thank you...

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    2. dlsmizel


      a lot of people are quitting fRO. I wonder what's the problem.

    3. Ochibi


      Dang Bro . tsk tsk .

    4. Mitomi


      OMG i wanted quit too but u see me quitting huuuuh?! :3 too many cool ppl here to quit YO! *points at Aoi and Mizel* 8D

  3. i love you malaysia.... :th_wow:
  4. L.bullets is a quest from knight's hall.. look for the master smith who made L.weapons as well. tell him you wanna proceed on ammunition quest and yes, use gunslinger for this quest. unlocking the quest is pretty tough so good luck.
  5. Everyone are still experiencing that. Dont worry, your not alone.
  6. If you are a newbie, i suggest you go on ploks crit breaker build. Its cheap to gear and easy to build.
  7. Close your youtube, net browser, etc that uses your internet download speed. Especially pornsites, close those. Trust me it would work. Avoid using dual client as well. Use only one if pissible. Turn off your fog as well by typing /fog
  8. I agree... Its a good idea to prevent hording on thana. Almost same people killed it everytime.
  9. Omg! I played here for so long yet still havent learn such things. Im so noob. /sob q.q
  10. Another newbie who ignore a bot warning... Tsk...tsk...tsk.. You should be better becareful soon. That auto bot checker aint a friend of newbies
  11. A person in seek of his personal glory in the battle field... You have my support great warrior. May the force be with you...
  12. WOW a very effective crit breaker! <3
  13. Ill go for crit breaker. Cheap and easy to build. And can break even with shield, unlike dagger/ip that you need to go dual and have devo for you to break.
  14. Hi... Welcome! I can be you trustworthy friend.. However i could also be a formidable opponent.see ya..
  15. Hmm... Well we have 3 castles for american woe. 2 castles each every pacific and euro woe. And ofcourse there should only one castle at 2.0. For me, emp room is not that crowded, yet. Lesser people on a castle means lesser fun. This is how i view things. Sorry but i have to disagree. Nice suggestion though...
  16. jameslamela

    Food Thread .

    Lol... That balot was groosome. Hehehe... Yacks!
  17. ty bro... ill take your advice.. i was wrong. sorry.
  18. yea right... much better if a GM's gonna close this thread to stop the flamewar. i dont like it either. and i dont find any fun at all.
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