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  1. ❤️ for my old friend!

    1. Amicable


      ❤️ thank you q_q

    2. Levis


      You are the best! I miss you and I am sure you will fight yourself through it! Be a Hero!

  2. I wish you the very, very best my dear old friend Jay Amicable (<3). It's been a while I've seen you last and I always hold our memories very dearly. You have been a joy to be with and your presence was always positive in fRO. You are part of our History and we surely miss you here. Of course I am sorry and shocked for what situation you are put in, but I believe strongly you will overcome any difficulties that life and this sickness will put you against. There will be better days and there may be not so good days, but never forget that you have a lot of friends IRL/Online who support you and wish you all the best. Show us your true fighter spirit! Giving up, is never an option, am I right? ? Sincerely, Jasser.
  3. Levis

    Levis' Shop

    Buying: 3x Amadarias Card 1x Sky Blue Imperial Helm 2x Forsaken King's Cloak Gold Fragments (dropped by WoE 2.0 Castle chests) Selling: 1x Prof Highness 1x Voluspa Staff 1x Cursed Professor Ring 1x Majestic Purple Emperium Aurora +10 Black Cat Ears Trading: +10 Black Cat Ears Majestic Purple Emperium Aurora TO 9 GvG Tokens Sniper Blessed Ring + Tokens TO Sniper Cursed Scarf PM me or contact me ingame (IGN: Catalyst).
  4. WHAT? AM ONLY NUMBER TWO? I TAUGHT PEACEWALKER BACK THEN!! Rant aside, I've seen too many Breakers since 2007. Naming myself would be arrogant (even though I'm breaking for 7+ years and still counting!) For the past 1-2 years, I'd give my Top 3 credits to: Carlo, Nas and Ely. This is no order. They've been glorious breakers for endeavour in the past. Special mentions are Faiz & Matin for being very passionate and their never giving up attitude, this is very honorable I must admit. I could make a never ending list of all the breakers I've known, but I'll keep it to the present ones.
  5. You don't need any Dex to hit the Emperium. You already have enough. If you miss hitting the emperium it's because of your enemies casting certain skills on you as mentioned above. :)
  6. Levis

    A Ro Sprite Comic

    Looks cool! Thank you for sharing!
  7. You need 104 Crit in order to hit the Emperium with 100% critical attacks. If you don't you will not crit sometimes. Here's the calculation: The Emperium has 20 LUK. For each 5 LUK, you need 1 more Crit -> 20 / 5 = 4. 100 + 4 = 104. Tada!
  8. I play on EU West and I'm a midlaner. My fav. champion is Zed ever since released. I am in Gold, trying to get to Platinum this season. My main champions for the midlane are Talon, Zed, Syndra & Orianna. I've never been the best Jungler and ADC, more likely mediocre at best.
  9. Levis

    Headgear Questions

    Nope, you cannot exchange your Valk Expansion into a Vote version of it. Well, you already receive a lot of stuff by voting and if you really want to personalize yourself you either have to buy it ingame and earn it through farming/questing/MvPing or make it easier for yourself and donate. Donating is not bad, because you support the server and make sure it can run for a long time as it already has been, thanks to all the donations and the GM Team. I'm from 2007 and we didn't even have any good Vote Items, sometimes you have to be more thankful especially since I know the beginnings and the progress and development over 7 and a half year already. :)
  10. I would like to know the actual prices of Amber, Orange and Sky Blue Imps! Thank you in advance.
  11. Looking for Champ Blessed Ring! PM me here or ingame: Imperious. Thanks!
  12. Despite knowing these for years, I still use the default one. Lmao!
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