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    I love Joe, the best boyfriend on the world <3.
    I like cuddles, lovestories, movies, random moments and sweets. Music is my second love, books are fantastic.

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  1. The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love. :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Drunk


      Is Celestial Going Racist!?!?!?!

    3. Celestial


      I didn't mean to be racist - sorry if it seemed like that :). It's just a quote and I find it really nice.

    4. masterneil


      Btw what is eskimos what is it means xD I never hear that word..

  2. I'll just stalk you once I see you online, give me that much of a credit! :P
  3. That was an express reply, haha! If you're ingame around any of times of Eurasian WoEs, I could hop online so you can add me :D
  4. Maybe we could add it as the small message when you log in the game :) That way a person wouldn't get lost, I think atleast :)
  5. Scarlet, when are you online? :) You still have to readd me in the guild. And it will be alright, you will see! Don't give up!
  6. What kind of error are you getting? Make sure fRO it's the only RO you have in that folder, if it's not, you might've messed up some files.
  7. Celestial

    Player vs. Player

    Yes you can on maps (most of the maps) where PvP is on.
  8. That was very creative introduction! Welcome Angel. Have fun around here :]
  9. I like your name, wife of the devil :D. Nah, I'm kidding! Welcome to the server Lilith :)
  10. It's dropped either from Mistress or Ktullanux, check those two monsters out :)!
  11. wilsonharry, for_elite is in forsaken city, on the right side of the forsaken castle. You'll find mini chatbox named "Knight Hall" there, walk into a portal and you should be there! :D ochie_so You have to redownload all-in-one, to avoid this error! Once you install all-in-one, you should ve errorless :)
  12. Celestial


    Yes, you guys can still do this quest :)
  13. I really doubt anyone would actually like this. I understand your point, however. Yes, it's how Ragnarok used to be played. Without berries, without seeds in PvP and WoE. I've been there too, I do know it's possible, and if I remember there was an Annhilation event held here, where berries and seeds were disabled but people kind of lost interest in it pretty soon. You have to accept the fact fRO, in the position we currently are right now, would be pretty much very unbalanced if we suddently just disabled Ygging overall. The damage is way too high, PvP would lose its purpose and if you do remember, this is a server based on PvP -> what would've PvP server with ubalanced classes when it comes to PvP become? You're calling people who play here for years idiots or babies or people who got babysitted by that. But you're forgetting, they're here for longer than you are, they needed time to adjust to the system just as you do. Disabling @storage in PvP room was and is already a move done here - there's no infinite ygg spamming in PvP, once you run out of yggs in the middle of a fight, you die. Try to count seconds after your yggs drop to zero and you drop. Was it one? two? Three maybe, the most. Here's the reason why people will most likely disagree with this suggestion. It's pretty obvious to me.
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